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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Holy. Freakin. Crap.

There was practically a mass exodus from Narnia this week, but luckily, I seem to have thwarted it. At least, I hope so! Maybe I really did get lucky this week. (And I'm not talking about getting lucky with Derwin here, who said he put on a special cologne just for my visit!) Make the jump to see what I really mean... and for the absolute best quote from that hippie Pascal yet!


The first one to try to escape was Chevre. Luckily, she broke down in tears when I asked her to stay, she was so emotional to find out I felt that strongly about her. I don't, really, but I've become determined that no one is going to move out anymore. It's annoying.


I wonder if finding this four leaf clover really did make me lucky, because I seemed to be able to keep people from moving away this week. And crazily enough, the same day I found this, I found a four leaf clover in my other life as well! (Although it didn't seem to bring me much luck there, unfortunately!)


I was thrilled to run into Rodeo when I was in the city. I miss him. And his devilish red eyes. I guess he moved to someplace named Hometown. Not the most original name for a town, is it... ? Well, I hope he's happy there, anyway.


The next person to try to ditch me was Derwin. After I asked him to stick around Narnia, he claimed he would try to get out of it, but he wasn't sure he could. I was very worried about this, but later in the week, I had conversations with him where he didn't bring up moving once, and on Friday, I stopped into his place and nothing was packed up, so I'm gonna take that as a sign that he's sticking around.

Watch — tomorrow he'll be gone.


Honestly, I think this is some kind of Animal Crossing record, here. Three people in one week have attempted to move away. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'd better figure it out and quick before I'm left all alone in Narnia! At least Cyrano was easy to talk out of it. He's lazy like me!


And to end things on a lighter note, as promised, the best quote from Pascal. Ever. (So far!)


Chris said:

Hey Woot! Thanks for keeping a diary.

I just recently bought a used Gamecube + Animal Crossing for $65.

I used to own Wild World on my DS Lite, and I curse myself for not trying it on Wii when I owned one.

The Gamecube version is great, but:
* the textures are pretty rough, which surprised me given the capabilities of the system
* no hats, costumes, or multiple textures per outfit
* there's no observatory or cafe
* I miss the accordion in the WW music and the theme I got to know so well

* I can have my boyfriend and roommates live in my village
* I've heard you can unlock retro consoles as furniture and even play full games on them
* $65 is still hella cheap compared to the other systems, and with the Gamecube are tons of other cheap games (my roomie bought and trounced me in Super Smash Bros Melee this afternoon when he learned that I bought one)
* bigger is better (even with sometimes funky textures on closeup)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Chris on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: Hey Woot! Thanks for keeping a diary. I just recently bought a used Gamecube + Animal Crossing for $65. I...

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