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Audio File FriMonday 'Rare Candy'


Audio File Monday just doesn't any ring to it. Music Monday is too obvious. Music File Monday....oh, heck.

I'm pretty darn useless on Mondays, I have to say. But rather than spend what little energy I have trying to rename Audio File Friday to something more appropriate for its one-time Monday slot, I'll spend it on the feature itself.

Today I'm feeling something with high energy; something to inject some life into me and get my week started right.

Some Synth Rock Nintendo covers courtesy of Rare Candy should do the trick.

Comprised of Dom, JD, Chris, and Matt, this gang of Pokemon fans came together in 2007 when another project, Entertainment System, went into hiatus. Some of its members found themselves jonesing for more music projects on the side, and thus Rare Candy found its humble beginnings.

From their official website:

After a while, Entertainment System was forced to take a short hiatus from live performances due to having to replace a few band members. During this time, Rare Candy began filling in for the shows that had already been booked for ES. A year later, after many requests from their fans, Rare Candy decided to take things a step further and record a full studio album. The band currently is still actively playing out, recording, and obviously, training their pokimans. It's funny to think that the whole project kind of started out as a joke.


Rare Candy takes their name from an in-game item in the Pokemon game series, but they don't let the influence stop there. Their first album was initially released as two separate entries: Gallant Green and Bomber Blue, a thoughtful nod to the dual-release model that the Pokemon franchise is built on. Gallant Green featured two exclusive Legend of Zelda songs, Bomber Blue had two from Megaman, and both featured eight other tracks running the gamut of Nintendo classics from Chrono Trigger to Kirby's Dreamland. And just like in Pokemon, fans who wanted to 'catch 'em all' would need to get both releases or trade with their friends.

Thankfully, no link cable was required, and Rare Candy has since combined both albums as a single release.

My personal favorite here is track twelve, Final Fantasy 4 - Summer Boss Battle; a groovy day at the beach interrupted by an attack by one of Golbez's Elementals.

It's a difficult thing to cover a well recognized piece of game music and be faithful to it while still putting your own stamp on the final product. Rare Candy has no difficulty here, performing with the ease of a seasoned vet and the enthusiasm of a hardcore fan.

And best of all, their live performances are wonderful! I'm sure you've all had those bands you like on the album but dread hearing live and thankfully Rare Candy is not one of those bands.

And what would a post about a band so heavily inspired by Pokemon be without a performance of a Pokemon song? Rubbish that's what! or should I say...Shrubbish.

These guys are true fans just like us, and if fans are putting in this much energy into something for no other reason than love then maybe I can find the energy to pull myself out of bed and go be productive. So thanks Rare Candy, just like the item you're named after you've given me a little extra boost today. I needed it.

If you're feeling the energy too be absolutely sure to buy the album, in its full form, at the Rare Candy bandcamp. You can follow one of the band's members, Dom, on twitter, like the entire band on facebook, and check out their official website. Be sure to stay on the lookout for any future live performances as well, it'll be worth it!

That about wraps it up for this week. I'm going to go pop a few more Rare Candies and then be a productive member of society for a few hours or something.

And remember that there will be a new Audio File Friday everyday this week to make up for the seven weeks it was MIA, so check right back here tomorrow for the next installment.


The Pokemon jams are pretty rocking. I have to say it, I think Pokemon music is HIGHLY recommended. What the series did in the 5th gen with the shifting songs depending on battle situations (including converting the obnoxious low-health beep into an actual song) was just brilliant.

Mjbalt said:

These guys rock. I try to get to all their local shows. Keyboard player Matt is hot and makes the ladies and the men wanting more!!!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Mjbalt on Audio File FriMonday 'Rare Candy': These guys rock. I try to get to all their local shows. Keyboard player Matt is hot and makes the...

Randy "Dr Randle" Marr on Audio File FriMonday 'Rare Candy': The Pokemon jams are pretty rocking. I have to say it, I think Pokemon music is HIGHLY recommended. What the...

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