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Audio File FriSaturday 'Video Game Music Choir'


Audio File Friday's catch-up week triumphant return rolls on!

I've said it before, just yesterday, in fact, and I'll say it again: one of my goals with Audio File Friday is to feature as wide array of musical genres as is possible. When it comes to video game music, some are more common than others and some remain elusive. I will find you video game inspired country music. So whenever I happen across something I haven't heard very much of, well...suffices to say I get excited.

That's definitely what happened with today's featured artist. Err, artists.

Sometimes you've got hundred person orchestras, sometimes pianos, guitars and drums, a turntable, or maybe even just a computer and an ear for what sounds good. We've seen quite a few instruments showcased in this feature and while we've certainly had talented vocalists, what we haven't had yet is a group that uses their voices as the instruments.

Well that happens to be exactly what the Video Game Music Choir does.

They're like Glee but for gamers. And they haven't jumped the shark yet, so that's a bonus!

From their official website:

The Video Game Music Choir started in September 2009. We are a commited group of Berklee students dedicated to spreading the gospel of great video game music. We perform student arrangements of video game music from all genres, all adapted for a capella choir.

Led by Julia Seeholzer and Daniel Jimenez, the nearly 30-member ensemble has made quite the name for itself. Even the Official Nintendo Magazine has directed the spotlight at this gang of gleeful gamers, and it's spotlight well deserved.

'Gospel' is definitely an appropriate word for the group's work. Not for the genre, but for the emotional resonance it suggests. Almost every arrangement the group does has a revelatory-quality to it; each piece feels like a Sunday morning spent at an arcade-church with gaming stations instead of pews and Reggie Fils-Aime presiding.

Here they've taken an already-epic piece from Kirby 64 and somehow have made it even more powerful!

I'll let this one speak for itself:

But they don't only do large scale pieces like those. They've got plenty of sense of humor, which you can see in some of their videos, and aren't afraid to spread the a capella love to titles you wouldn't expect like Portal, Sonic Adventure 2, and The Sims.

Who would've ever thought City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2 would ever be picked up by an a capella choir? And done so well at that.

If you've ever had the chance to see these guys perform live it is quite the experience. But if you haven't, worry not for the the Video Game Music Choir has just released their very first album!

Titled /sing the eleven track album gives you a little bit of everything, from Smash Bros. to Uncharted to Civilization. It also features a bonus AWESOMECAT Remix of Zero Two Battle which manages to add a third layer of intensity to the track.

You can buy the album, and even name your price, from the group's Bandcamp. Remember these guys are doing this out of pure love, so if you can afford to name a price higher than free I'm sure they'd appreciate it! There you can also find a handful of totally free bonus songs from WOW, Tetris, and Katamari Damacy.

As always if you like what you hear then be sure to like them on facebook, follow them on twitter, and hit up their official website for all the latest.

Enjoy the way more awesome than Glee Video Game Music Choir, and I'll catch you right here tomorrow for even more gaming music.

More music than you can handle to be honest.


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