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Audio File FriTuesday 'Arion'


I'm just going to come right out and say it: I miss fat Pikachu.

Arguably the most iconic Pokemon of 'em all, a true pop culture icon, the little electric rodent has been redesigned a couple of times since his original debut. While he's certainly not the only one, Bulbasaur has been made a little more cuddly and Jynx got a complete change in skin color, Pikachu's is by far the most drastic.

Gone is the cuddly body in favor of a more svelte form with a round head that suggests -gasp- a neck. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not some kind of original 150 Pokemon elitist fuddy duddy type but gosh darn it my Pikachu doesn't have a silly neck. I'm not particularly fond of Pikachu in the way I'm fond for Psyduck, Croagunk, and Scraggy, but as one who spent many formative years and almost as many adult ones watching the Pokemon cartoon of course I have an attachment to the original design.

Remember when Pikachu didn't really like Ash? Or how it had a strange infatuation with ketchup? Where has all of that gone? Who is this new yellow imposter parading around with Ash and what have they done with the real Pikachu!?

I demand answers to be quite frank. But until I get them, I could use some pokemon themed music to listen to while I wait. Even better, how about an awesome dubstep remix of the classic Pokemon theme song?

Good thing Arion has already made one!

Haling from Mississauga, ON omg a wild Canadian! Arion is a DJ specializing in dubstep, electro, r&b, pop, techno, trance, and house. You know, the usual.

While most of Arion's work, as found on his official youtube channel, isn't particularly gaming related he has one stellar dubstep track that is sure to get all the old Poke-fogies like me smiling.

There's just something special about that original theme song. It's like the ultimate pump up jam. Everyone who was around in the 90s knows this song and, whether they like it or not, can recite it from memory at a moment's notice. Even the most pressed Pokemon haters, who've written off the franchise as a childish phase they once indulged in, will start humming along when no one is looking.

And hearing it cleverly remixed here is simply a delight. The Pikachu samples make a great lead in to one killer breakdown; before you even know what you're in for you get thrown in and not once do you get a chance to come back up for air. The Team Rocket sample at the end of the song is sure to pull at any Poke-fan's heartstrings. Those poor misguided Rockets, spending millions on elaborate traps just to get a promotion. and I have to say, I miss the flawless Wobuffet in the new episodes

It's just about the middle of the week, people are getting tired, and so I wanted to keep this one quick and easy. But this track is certainly powerful enough to stand on its own.

You can check out the rest of Arion's tracks (and don't worry, they're just as good) on his youtube channel, follow him on twitter, and like him on facebook.

Be sure to keep an eye on this one, he could definitely be going places.

That wraps it up for today's installment. Don't forget we've got Audio File Friday everyday of the week no matter how awkward the title might be. So until tomorrow I'll get back to being upset about Pikachu's drastic weight loss.


And if they ever try to touch Psyduck's design I will personally strike them down with great vengeance

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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