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Audio File FriWednesday...on Thursday 'Inverse Phase and Flashygoodness'


I know, I know. I was going on and on about a new Audio File Friday everyday this week, and Wednesday was regrettably without. But let's move past that; today we're doubling up as the week long return of Audio File Friday rolls on.

There are certain games that you just can't live without. The ones that are almost prerequisites to being a gamer.

The Super Smash Bros. series feels like one of those to me. Whether we're talking the original, Melee, or Brawl, Smash Bros. is a title that brings gamers together. Kids play it, adults play it, newbies play it, vets spam the wavedash play it; anyone who games has played it. And it's not hard to see why: it's a veritable Nintendo nostalgia fest gone fighting game that creates community like no other.

From the characters to the levels to the items to the music, the nostalgia factor is undeniably a huge draw for the series. Where else can you see the Ice Climbers anywhere pummel Bowser in the middle of a Game and Watch console?

One extremely dedicated fan took his Smash Bros. love to the next level, or perhaps I should say the last level, by de-making the game as if it were ported to the original Nintendo Gameboy. Titled Super Smash Land, the free to play PC game features pixelized graphics, a green tinted screen, and all the classic Nintendo music the series is known for in 8-bit courtesy of Inverse Phase and Flashygoodness.

The main soundtrack of of Super Smash Land was composed by Inverse Phase, aka Brendan Becker, who was brought into the project by its creator Dan Fornace to give the game a cohesive feel. While he originally intended to just rip original audio and sound effects from Gameboy games, he ultimately commissioned Becker to give the game its own original sound.


From Becker's Bandcamp:

The story is simple: Sometime in 2010 my now-buddy Dan Fornace, a recovering (or maybe not?) Smash addict, decided to do what I do (that is, turn modern things into retro things) with an entire video game. He sent out a tweet asking if anyone writes chiptunes and would want to help him with his Smash project. Even though I'm not a big Smash player, I did have a lot of fun playing Super "Smashed" Brothers with folks in the past, and I was meaning to do a cover of Gourmet Race from Kirby, so I said what the hell and replied to him on twitter.

And the results are spectacular. It's no surprise, really; Inverse Phase has quite the Chiptune repertoire beyond Super Smash Land. He's done all kinds of covers and reimaginings, including the Guilty Gear X2 soundtrack, titled The Midnight Chiptunes:

Now when it comes to Super Smash Land, you'd think you've heard these songs done in 8-bit already, and in many cases you probably have. Inverse Phase stands out by doing it well, displaying an understanding of the style and the history of the games that a lot of 8-bit song transformers overlook. He transforms each Smash Bros. composition superbly and his work really brings the game to life.

But Inverse Phase wasn't alone.


As he puts it 'life got in the way' and he wasn't able to do the entire OST himself. So Dan brought in Flashygoodness to craft the music for the game's bonus stages, unlockable content, victory screens etc.

Flashygoodness was originally brought on just to do a single track from Tower of Heaven, a game that he composed for, and that work really shows what the guy is capable of:

The game itself is tons of fun to play, and I'd be remiss to not give Dan Fornace a real shout out. If you're a fan of Smash Bros. and love gaming nostalgia then there is NO reason for you to not play Super Smash Land. It's a true labor of love, and further proof of that dedicated fans are capable of amazing things.

And it's got Megaman! So clearly someone still cares about the Blue Bomber enough to include him in a game. yes I'm still pressed about Megaman Legends 3

So go check out the official Super Smash Land website, download the game and give it a thorough play through if you haven't already. Of course, be sure to like it on facebook and give Dan Fornace a follow on twitter.

Be sure to do the same for Inverse Phase and Flashygoodness as well:

Inverse Phase's bandcamp, twitter, and facebook.

Flashygoodness' official website, youtube channel, bandcamp, twitter, and tumblr.

That about wraps it up for today But wait there's more! As this is technically yesterday's Audio File Friday in keeping with the retro theme obviously there's going to be another one coming your way later today!

Catch you again in a few hours. Go and play Super Smash Land until then.



Sweet picks. I really enjoyed the OST to Super Smash Land. An interesting little title, to be sure.

(I too am still sore over the loss of Mega Man Legends 3.)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Randy "Dr Randle" Marr on Audio File FriWednesday...on Thursday 'Inverse Phase and Flashygoodness': Sweet picks. I really enjoyed the OST to Super Smash Land. An interesting little title, to be sure. (I too...

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