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Defend The Land

Dancing in the sun in grasses of green! Yay!

Auntie Pixelante has (please note, NSFW due to depictions of pixelated penis, and trigger warnings for trans bigotry) released a new game ! This one was rather quickly thrown together (from what I gather, she took four hours over the weekend to make it).

In rather parodic fashion, the game is about 'spot the tranny,' with the violent rhetoric and intent that can often be behind that 'game.' All these white women in white dresses with their white hats are dancing around on the grass during a festival made just for them, and you must spot the 'Trans gression!'

If you just go in and decide you must find them immediately, you will just click. And fail. Fail in such a fashion that you have doooooooomed all of the festival.

If you succeed? Yay! You have effectively taught that trans woman a proper lesson. How dare she think she's a woman, after all?

The game isn't very difficult once you practice patience. Wait and you will see the tell-tale flash of a pixelated penis flashing you, allowing you to spot the trans gressor. However, the first five or six games I played, I figured it for a guessing game. I doomed that festival over and over.

Either way, works, really. There is some obsession over how one can disprove that a trans woman is indeed a woman, and supposedly her penis will light the way to enlightenment against her. What if she has had an operation, however? This shows how this particular festival sees a penis when it is no longer even existent.

Of course, this also goes about highlighting how defining a trans woman by the presence or lack of a penis is really just odd when she is completely the same as the women who are surrounding her, to the point where you have to play a game to distinguish her. Suddenly we are seeking to violate her sense of space in order to prove we are right. It becomes the 'spot the tranny' game for no other reason than to seek to make sure she isn't 'one of us' (metaphorically speaking; as a male who does not identify as a woman, I cannot attend this festival, nor have I interest in such).

If you are not familiar with the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (note: complaining about their use of womyn is beside the point, so save yourself the trouble of typing it), you should know it is a festival for womyn-born-womyn. It seeks to be a space for womyn to congegrate and share their work with each other exclusively. However, it also explicitly seeks to bar trans women from entry. Trans women have been dealing with this for years in various fashions, including creating their own Camp Trans, to invite womyn of all varieties, as well as some attending the festival in defiance. There is a very storied history there, and there are resources online to read about it, if you are interested.

However, recently someone published a list of trans women who attended the festival. Outing them on a WordPress site and offering very personal details about them. Pretty not okay, regardless of what one may think of MWMF's trans-exclusion. Given the level of violence trans people face in every day life, I'd call it downright abhorrent, actually. Hence the game to basically make us complicit in hate crimes.

I hope its parody of the event rings through, and Auntie Pixelante does highlight a few more details in her own blog post introducing the game.


Branovices said:

A storied history... or HERstory? Sorry, Hyrstory.

Candice said:

As a trans woman (and avid indie game lover) who is very close to this issue, thank you for not only taking the time to cover it but for your sensitivities in doing so. It's nice to see it once in a while. I wish I saw this sort of thing more often from the GL side.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Candice on Defend The Land: As a trans woman (and avid indie game lover) who is very close to this issue, thank you for not...

Branovices on Defend The Land: A storied history... or HERstory? Sorry, Hyrstory....

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