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Free Import With Dance Central 2 Pre-Order


Almost as good as two-player dancing being introduced in Dance Central 2 was the announcement that you would be able to import songs from the first game into its sequel. Of course, as with Harmonix's Rock Band, it'll cost you a little bit to do it, but luckily, this time around there's an easy way to make it cost nothing!

If you pre-order Dance Central 2 from a participating retailer, you'll get a code worth 400 Microsoft Points, which coincidentally is the exact amount it will cost you to import your Dance Central tunes to your Xbox 360 hard drive for the sequel. (You'll need about 200-250 MB on your HD for the song storage.) According to the Xbox website, retailers you can go to are GameStop, Best Buy, and the Microsoft Store.

Personally, I'm all over this, because I loved the first Dance Central, and since I was going to do the import anyway, if I can do it for free, all the better! I just have to remember to place a pre-order in the next month before its October 25th North American release!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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