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Friday Frivolity: Goats vs. Nazis (Video)

Students of history know the horrors of World War II: a harrowing bloodbath, the war to end all wars, and that which seemed to be mankind's darkest hour. Fascist imperialism scourged Europe; the twisted mind of Adolf Hitler envisioned a world of German supremacy, culminating in the systematic slaughter of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and anyone else that Hitler decreed to be an impedance to his vision of a bold, new age of progress and purity. Emperor Hirohito of Japan, viewed by many with the reverence on might reserve for a god, led his nation into the fray, ending with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that served as the dawn of the Nuclear Age. To combat this global terror, the defenders of the free world found themselves allied with the tyranny of Stalin's regime, one whose purges left millions dead, found countless more to suffer toil and hardship in far-off labor camps, and laid the groundwork for the Cold War -- dividing Europe into capitalist and communist enclaves -- exacerbated by the arms race that would follow for decades.

Those who aren't tremendously well-versed in the history of 20th century warfare, garnering historical knowledge primarily from the University of "Crap on the Internet" (accreditation pending), know that those on all sides of the conflict came up with some, shall we say, "creative" weapons. The United States entertained the prospect of using explosives-laden bats as kamikazes against Japanese cities. The Soviet Union had a similar idea: using trained dogs as suicide bombers against German tanks.

However, there is one hero whose song goes unsung: the goat. Granted, goats didn't serve any part whatsoever a great role in World War II, owing mainly to the fact that they are as dumb as several posts made of rocks naturally stubborn, headstrong beasts, but in the playground of imagination that is the internet, they were crucial to the war effort. Now the goat is bleating its way into the pages of history, in the form of a game by a man named Jim Welch: Goats vs. Nazis. This alternate-reality historian is seeking to raise $14,000 (JESUS GOD) for the project, via Kickstarter. He's currently at $108, having eight backers, with 58 days to go. If this goal is reached, the game will be released to the plebeian masses, free of charge. So if you have entirely too much money, or you simply have a vast affinity for goats, go ahead and send the ol' boy a bit of cash. If not, simply enjoy the trailer.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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