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Gallery: Professor Layton and the Last Specter


Nintendo just released a bunch of new screenshots for the upcoming Professor Layton prequel The Last Specter. It's exactly what you'd expect a Professor Layton game to look like, but I wanted to share them anyway because they're just so darn pretty! Professor Layton travels to the town of Misthallery to help out a friend who claims that a "mysterious giant" is destroying his town. And because this sequel is actually a prequel, his assistant is a girl named Emmy, and we'll get to see the good professor meet his future apprentice, Luke!

No screens of the bonus Professor Layton's London Life game that's included, but you'll get 100 hours of additional content out of it! You'll create a character that you can customize with special clothing and collect items and furniture as you interact with the good professor and other characters from the series and help them out.

Nintendo is promising that The Last Specter will contain more puzzles than any game in the series so far, but if that (and the bonus game) aren't enough for you, they will once again be releasing free weekly bonus puzzles after the game's launch, which is October 17, so mark your calendars!


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