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Get Extra Credits At The Penny Arcade


A little while back, about a month or so ago, there was trouble over at The Escapist between the folks who ran the site and the guys who do the program Extra Credits. The details are sordid and difficult to follow, but it mostly seemed to revolve around money (specifically, getting paid) and stuff went down when the EC guys hosted a fund raiser on Rockethub to raise money for the hospital bill for their artist, Allison. Long story short, Extra Credits is no longer on The Escapist. Dedicated to the work they do, they kept writing and posting new videos and just dealt with posting them on YouTube. But now they've found a new home: Penny Arcade.

Today is the day that Extra Credits joins the Penny Arcade family as Gabe and Tycho are adding the show to the PATV lineup, and given the traffic that those two command this will do great things for Extra Credits' visibility, which they completely deserve.

If you're not familiar with Extra Credits, then bad gaymer, no cookie! Every week the three folks involved - talky guy Daniel, writer dude James, and pretty pictures princess Allison - put together a video addressing some aspect of gaming culture, products, or the industry. If you remember, one of my first posts for GayGamer was championing a video they did that excellently addressed sexual diversity in games, and every video they've done since has been of equal quality. Presently the only video up on PATV is the current one which covers pacing, but they promise that their whole collection will be up soon and they'll be pumping out new videos each Wednesday.


LINCARD1000 said:

Huh, I had wondered why EC had disappeared from The Escapist... Seems a little odd that TE would react that way to one of their headline acts though. Sounds like some rather counter-productive decisions were made by the management there.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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LINCARD1000 on Get Extra Credits At The Penny Arcade: Huh, I had wondered why EC had disappeared from The Escapist... Seems a little odd that TE would react that...

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