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Launch Trailer For Rotastic

Part PSN/XBLA game, part implicit meth awareness campaign, Dancing Dots's Rotastic has an undeniably quirky charm - one devoid of ultraviolence, latent sexual themes, or horrifying examinations of the all-consuming, cancerous mass that we call humanity. Now I'm the last person to criticize games that base their experience of giant men carrying giant guns, prying open one's third eye to behold the terror at the core of a reality that never was, or character development and leveling that borders on the obsessive-compulsive - but sometimes you, well, you just wanna swing, man! We're not talking about your Grandma Delores's swinging, mind you; no, this swinging involves crystals and bright colors: two things that appeal to the inner child that never got that sorely-needed Ritalin prescription.

The trailer is rather self-explanatory. According to the Rotastic site, the game will have "7 worlds and nearly 70 levels," with the core gameplay hinging on the swinging and launching your character around the screen. Dancing Dots explains:

In Rotastic, gravity plays an important role. Our heroes can not walk, and falling off the screen means their doom. The precise physics engine let you fling your character through levels in controlled swings. But beware... if gravity most of the time comes from the bottom, some levels will attract you to the sides, of even to the center of your screen where spiky, sharp, and deadly traps are most likely awaiting for you to make a mistake...

So check out the trailer, which is full of visual charm, seemingly addictive gameplay, and of course, a narrator that addresses you are "dude," using an inflection typically suited for that creepy youth pastor at the church your parent made you attend - the one who fancied himself "hip," and wouldn't stop talking to you about god d*mn Creed when I was sixteen.

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Gamescook said:

A church I went to once had a lounge with an original Xbox and copies of both Halo AND Ninja Gaiden which were played by little kids the entire time I was there. They didn't mind the vidyagaem menace so much if it meant they got new members, I guess.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Gamescook on Launch Trailer For Rotastic: A church I went to once had a lounge with an original Xbox and copies of both Halo AND Ninja...

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