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Minecraft Monday: Enter The Redfields


You know, I have absolutely no idea what this new map could possibly be named after, but the folks who brought us Sigil have crowned the new Adventure Mode map "The Redfields." Apparently one of the reasons is that, as opposed to "Sigil", "The Redfields" sounds like a real place, but I can't help but think there's some alternative reason for naming it that...some kind of cheeky double entendre, perhaps...

But I digress.

It's a testament to the popularity of the server that as soon as it went live the available player slots were full, but I still managed to get on the first evening The Redfields was up - and people had already gone crazy with the building and the mining and the shenanigans. For a few thoughts and some pics of the new server (and perhaps to shake your mind free of that double-entendre link), follow along after the jump.


Upon arriving at the spawn point, I was met with some dreary weather. It reminded me right away of how much things have changed since the last server map was started: There was no weather in Minecraft back then. In fact, the first time it rained on Sigil we all stopped in awe. Now when the rain starts to fall everyone complains...just like in real life.


A curious, but familiar face greeted me not far from the spawn, and off we went to see what's already been built.


Past the Great Server Overlord's (he doesn't really have a title, so I just kind of make these titles up as I go along) construction near the spawn point, and past a swamp (!), we came upon a desert with a lone house in which to hide from the impending night. Unlike Sigil, The Redfields is truly a "survival" multiplayer map - there will be few mods to help players along. Cooperation and planning are the name of the game.


The lighting engine really has improved with the Adventure Update. Much time was spent during my first session in the Redfields just wandering around and enjoying the little tweaks and additions included by the developers. It really is the biggest update thus far.


As part of our varying dissipations, we discovered that players who hold down on the shift key for significant periods of time begin to look as though they either need a walker, or that they need to find the loo ASAP.

Because this is what serious adults do on the internets.


Beyond the desert lies a great mountain range. Not exactly the Himalayas, but more like the rolling green foothills of Costa Rica. Some old friends picked me up to show me around. The Redfields, like Sigil, is nothing if not friendly.


And nestled within the mountains is a town of precipices, megaflora, and (already) a portal to the Nether. Great things achieved in no time flat.


So the sun rises on a new server map, but with players new and old there will be stories for months to come.

And here's that picture of Chris and Ellis making out one more time.


Seb said:

Who are they in the 'cheeky double entendre' picture?

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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