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TGS 2011: The Skyward Sword Is Coming

To editorialize for a moment, and provide full disclosure: I'm a humongous Zelda fan. Not that there's any shame in it, but having been a humongous Zelda fan since the first game in the series (I have fond memories of killing Ganon on my friend's NES, futuristically plugged in to his Commodore 64 monitor rather than screwed into the TV with a coaxial cable of yesteryear), I've become accustomed to not really believing Nintendo whenever it says a new Zelda game is coming out. It took years to hear about the Ocarina of Time after finishing A Link to the Past, and it was delayed God knows how many times. Then Majora's Mask just sort of floated out of nowhere. Following that was the infamous Windwaker switcheroo - show the fans one demo, and then show them a cell-shaded game years later, and then The Twilight Princess was delayed time and again. So somewhere deep inside, I still don't really believe that Skyward Sword is coming. I mean, it definitely is. Soon. I should have pre-ordered it by now, actually, but there's a suspicious voice somewhere in the depths of my prefrontal cortex that scolds me whenever I try to believe. "Don't be a fool. It won't be out until 2012 and you know it."

But I digress. Heavily. (My apologies.)

Whatever this reporter's psychosis-addled brain would like to have itself believe, Skyward Sword will be out this year, and amid all of the 3DS news coming from Nintendo during this year's Tokyo Game Show, there's been a flurry of Zelda news as well, not the least of which is a return of more RPG-like elements to the series, including item upgrades (check out the trailer at the top of the article), 100 minutes of cutscenes, and an estimated 50 - 100 hours of gameplay. To cap it all off, Nintendo released a video exclusive to Game Informer of Link free-falling onto a volcano from Skyloft like a badass.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword comes out on November 20 in North America, November 23 in Japan, and you lucky Europeans get to return to Hyrule on November 18.


raindog469 said:

I'm looking forward to Skyward Sword a lot. Not as much as I was looking forward to Twilight Princess, because until Twilight Princess, 3D Zelda had never disappointed me. I'll get it soon after its release, unless Nintendo makes me a preorder offer, on the level of Wind Waker's Ocarina bonus disc, that I can't refuse.

But your digression reminded me: Our NES was still hooked up to my Commodore 64 monitor in my parents' basement, its contacts corroded from two generations of children blowing into the cartridges, until I visited my childhood home at the end of June to help my stepdad prepare to sell it. Now the NES is in my garage, and I guess it'll stay there until I can bear to get rid of it, since my phone, laptop and Wii are all more convenient to play NES games on. I never played Zelda on it because I was away at college (and neck-deep in the Amiga scene) by the time Zelda was released, while my brothers were only into military strategy and sports games, but I spent enough time with it in high school that it was pretty rough to pack it all up and take it away.

Hal said:

raindog, you can fix a lot of corrosion-related NES issues. If you feel so inclined, search for "retro care" in the archives and peruse the articles I wrote earlier this year about cleaning and taking care of an NES.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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raindog469 on TGS 2011: The Skyward Sword Is Coming: I'm looking forward to Skyward Sword a lot. Not as much as I was looking forward to Twilight Princess, because...

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