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Video: Dragon Age II - Mark Of The Assassin Debut Trailer

Remember way back, before the main game was even in our sweaty hands, Bioware and Felicia Day teased Dragon Age: Redemption, a webseries based on a brand new character to the Dragon Age II universe? If you don't, that's all right. You're human, you're allowed to forget things sometimes. Anyway, about 8 months after that announcement we're not only getting the webseries, we're also getting a new expansion for the game, Mark of the Assassin. It's an abundance of something!

Assassin stars Day as her character from the webseries, Tallis, an elven assassin, and also puts Hawke in a fancy little suit for a little while. Varric's back narrating, and I think I can see a few of the game's companions in one of the cut scenes, but it's not clear how much else they'll have to do considering you'll probably have to keep Tallis in your party for the story to work.

Felicia Day's been great as a sweet, shy scientist on this summer's episodes of SyFy's Eureka, but with all her sass and jumping and stabbing, it looks like Tallis may let her show a bit more range. Mark of the Assassin will be hitting PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 11 for $10. It's not clear exactly where you'll be able to catch Redemption, but I'm sure you won't have much trouble finding it.


Rosa said:

**** everybody, this looks awesome.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Rosa on Video: Dragon Age II - Mark Of The Assassin Debut Trailer: **** everybody, this looks awesome....

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