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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

You know how I always say that it was a quiet week in Narnia? Well, if this week had been any quieter, it would have been dead. Seriously. I'm not even kidding. I was actually thrilled when Curly asked me to deliver a present to Peanut just because it meant something to do other than water flowers and listen to inane conversation! Of course, when Peanut wasn't thrilled with the shirt Curly had sent her, I'd hope to hear a really snarky reply, but she let me down this time. So sad!

It's almost not worth reading this whole entry, but if you really want to, go ahead!


My buddy Adrian sent me this mask and snorkel to wear when we dive into the "lake of fire" together or something. He was talking about moving to a new town soon, but I'd hardly call it a lake of fire... that sounds bad! And the new town is going to be awesome! You can go swimming, and change more of your outfit than just your shirt and hat. And I hear that in these new towns, you can actually become Mayor! I know, right? Show Tortimer how it should really be done! The only problem is that moving days tend to be in the fall, and since we missed the window this year, I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to move to my new town until a year from now! That would be terrible! Not that I really hate Narnia that much, but I'm really excited to see all the new activities and fun features of the new towns. I just really hope they have cameras there so I can keep doing my diary!


Here you can see just how incredibly lazy I am. You know how after it rains, you can dig up gyroids all around town? Well, I never bother. Which means that there are so many gyroids buried beneath Narnia it would take a full-on archeological expedition to get them all dug up! I keep meaning to do it, but I can't be bothered. It's not like I need the bells!

See what I mean? Dull week. Seriously dull! Hopefully things pick up next time around!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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