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Android Takes A Step Further Into Gaming


Android, as we know, is quickly taking over the smartphone market. As game publishers would tell you, being console agnostic is a good recipe for achieving maximum distribution, and this seems to be how Android is taking the lead in the market that Apple and Blackberry made.

As we speak, the folks at Google are pushing the what may be the most delicious-sounding update to any software ever: Android 4.0, aka "Ice Cream Sandwich," is on its way, and it's packing some features that make it sound a lot like a video game console.

According to Engaget, phones equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich will have USB controller and HDMI support (the former of which was also a feature of the last Android software revision), meaning the games you play on your phone could be played on your fancy new LED TV as well. Furthermore, you can do it without having to use the awful fake button layout on your phone's touchscreen that some companies use as a work-around for a proper controller. This manner of connecting your multimedia device/gaming console up to your TV strongly suggests the type of convergence that Nintendo seems to be aiming at with the Wii U and that Sony (less enthusiastically) has also promoted with the PS Vita. For the time being, Android 4.0's potential gaming capabilities remain only potential, but the chances that Google incorporated these elements for giggles is highly unlikely, especially given the mountains of money that gaming companies - and Google competitors like Microsoft and Apple - have made in the industry.

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