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Anti-Gay Speech At BlizzCon 2011?

Yesterday I was contacted by our friends at GLAAD, who had some questions to ask about this video and the uncensored original that you'll find below the cut. It seems that Blizzard decided to close out this year's BlizzCon with a performance from Cannibal Corpse Level 90 Epic Tauren Chieftain, with a guest singer - and showed a lead-in video featuring said singer, George 'Corpseater' Fisher, from Cannibal Corpse, talking about his love for the Horde.

The problem? His hate for the Alliance. Specifically, the anti-gay language used to describe them. Though bleeped-out, Fisher's diatribe calls Alliance players a number of anti-gay slurs, and declares that they should die.

(No need to watch the original beyond a minute or so - after that it's just gamer death metal.)

The resulting outcry not only erupted in Blizzard's forums, but has prompted GLAAD to initiate an outreach to Blizzard. Many are disturbed that a senior Blizzard employee endorsed a video saying that players of one faction should die - and still more are outraged that anti-gay speech was used in the promotional video, without regard for LGBT players and despite the fact that gay kids are killing themselves.

So far the response from Blizzard seems to be of the minimizing 'it was a joke' variety. I'm not sure that's going to be enough this time. Find the original video below.


Mats said:

Well, Cannibal Corpse is death metal designed for the lowest common denominator. That the band members fail to rise above the intellectual level of their music, albeit sad, is hardly surprising. And shame on Blizzard for not properly distancing themselves from such utter idiocy.

Franko said:

sadly, this type of mindset is very very common among not just Horde, but Alliance players as well (go ahead and read /General or /Trade for an hour and see for yourself), and blizzard doesn't seem to do a whole lot to minimize it. i really thought Samwise was cool before this, but now i'm not so sure. the band in question caters to the homophobic kids among the horde players for sure, and they were there because blizzard invited them, for pete's sake. for blizz to play this off as "just a joke" is really a slap in the face, considering that yes, kids are killing themselves because of this type of thing. come on, blizzard -- do the right thing, and issue an apology. if not, i hope GLAAD raises a ruckus.

Michael said:

well he was right about one thing, he is pathetic

NyxMyx said:

Yeah this whole thing is oddly sour coming from Blizz. I get the feeling that Samwise and such really didn't think it through and are now being caught way off guard and scrambling to dismiss people's concerns. It seems that every now and then even Blizzard itself is caught unaware of the culturally wide base of it's fandom.

Evilvet said:

well if we gonna point out who's labelling things we should get it right with the labels. 1. this band is not cannibal corpse, and they aren't "gamer death metal" at all. george did guest backing vocals. cannibal corpse is grindcore mostly with flashes of death metal. not "gamer" at all really. whatever that is 2. they are thrash metal at best, and a complete testament ripoff. 3. saying they cater to the "lowest common denominator" is also offensive. justin bieber caters to that.
but it's nice that everybody gets lumped in from every walk of life... why not yell at the promoters and blizzcon for allowing the speech?

Caleb said:

Whether or not it's anti-gay, I can't bear to listen to him say the f-word every other word. It only makes it worse that he so obsessively wants anyone to die, especially when some people do actually kill themselves over...well, a little more than the confines of World of Warcraft. But you see what I'm getting at. It's one thing to be as much of an utter idiot as this guy is, another to honestly want anyone dead, even if to him their existence is a vague afterthought.

Decompiled said:

I lost my ex back to WOW. He had problems so it would have been WOW or something else, but to call this kind of speech a 'joke' shows how indifferent Blizzard is towards their playerbase who use WOW to escape from the world. I once contacted them about my ex and never got even the decency of a reply.

Taiko said:

Soo...they played a censored version ...

(I watched the live it was bleeped. In fact, that video shows it bleeped as you still hear the crowd through the bleeps of the video...)

...of a video from some 3 or 4 years ago...

(I've seen this before, elsewhere...not to mention the references to ganking on Elemental Plateau while farming Motes of Air. Who does that, anymore? ...)

...and someone found the unedited version of said video and is offended by what the guest singer said...and now there's a riotous uproar?
...I mean...-really-? -_-;

kittysox said:

The video was apparantly not edited during the live broadcast. Simply can't understand why blizz allowed this to be played.

Ryhmeswithglue said:

It's Corpse Grinder but its not Cannibal Corpse on stage... well then again they wouldn't allow Cannibal Corpse to play Blizzcon. If that happened showing a seemingly censored video of his interview that is 3-4 years old wouldn't be the only controversy. you get Cannibal Corpse fans in there with WoW fans and you would be seeing people get hurt when the music starts.

Greg said:

I cancelled my WoW subscription after this incident. Just decided to vote with my wallet. I continue to express my concerns with Blizzard Entertainment also and I am hitting a brick wall every single time with them. In the game itself, it can get even worse and Blizzard will not do anything meaningful in response to it in-game either.

Hopefully, GLAAD will have a successful outreach with Blizzard.

Erin said:

While this incident certainly does not reflect well on Blizzard, one thing that was left out of the conversation is another comment I heard while at Blizzcon last weekend. During the Q and A for WoW, a girl asked if we would be seeing any gay or lesbian characters in the game anytime soon. The designers said that they would like to and are currently exploring options to include it in to the storyline, and that they respect and hope to represent all of their player base. The audience was very responsive and the girl was cheered for her comment. So, while the decision to post the video was rather dumb, I don't believe it reflects the position of the company or player base as a whole.

Dan said:

I'm not really interested in the man in the video and how he is discriminatory, freedom of speech and whatnot. However, that this video was endorsed by blizzard is disturbing and had I been in that crowd of people while that video played I would have been distressed and want to leave. It's an uphill battle, and we can't allow ourselves to remain invisible. I'm glad that GLAAD is speaking out. As far as kids killing themselves being related to this video, it's a stretch and I wouldn't go there.

Taiko said:

@kittysox it wasn't >_<; that's the point. *points* You can clearly hear the rest of the crowd -through- the censor bleeping.

Admittedly, I wasn't there. And -maybe- they took the ridiculous amount of time and effort to have the input audio from the video bleeped while the input audio from the rest of the event was not...before being streamed...but that is a ridiculous thing to believe happened....

What -has- happened, however, is someone went and found the original, uncensored video from however many years ago. They've shown this video to the internet and proceeded to spin it into a scandal over an offense that people have run out and searched for of their own accord. People are offended here not because something offensive took place somewhere, but because they've literally gone out of their way - taken the time and effort - striven to be offended...

John said:

I suspect he is uninformed and probably does not know really what he said. Guessing he lost it his sad 'passion' for WoW. Him I will excuse as a fool who I hope was just caught in a moment and said stupid things.

What is bothering is that a major corporation used the video in one of their events with the knowledge that it contained such wording. Why do it? Use the n-word test. If he had used that word, as a white guy, what would have been the response?

The forums on WoW with discussion related to this have been locked. Guessing they hope that will end some of the crap that was going on there. I was surprised at some of the comments. Suspect some people will get banned. For those who to haunt there it actually got into religious debates in wild directions. Always an undercurrent that just needs a spark I guess.

I just don't think the company should in anyway be supportive of this type of message. I hope they publicly address it. It really is poor judgement. I think they need to explain the video and probably apologize for a misstep.

WoW is supposed to be the fun part of your day. May as well go to work if you want stress. Really kind of sad.

Wolf said:

No disrespect to any WoW players reading this, but my experience with that community is that it's sexist, racist AND homophobic, while Blizzard ignores this behaviour or even supports it on the sly. (just look to the troll race for cues on racial stereotyping. African accents and bones through noses? really?)
I don't doubt some of the staff at Blizzard privately agree with Mr. Eater's innuendo who, on an unrelated note, has one of the most loud and irritating voices I have ever heard.

Jon said:

I was similarly uncomfortable about the lyrics to "I am murlok". The whole line about not being a "queen, like aqua man" seemed unnecessary. Not to mention hopelessly outdated . I mean, who uses queen as a gay slur since 1989

I am a full supporter of LGBT communities and their rights and freedoms as people, but... seriously?

Don't be so fucking over-sensitive.

You're treating this was far more seriousness than it deserves.

VorpalBunny said:

Michael, and others, if you are a full supporter of LGBT communities, why don't you not try to tell us about what we can be sensitive?

Just a hint.

Marcus said:

I can't believe Blizzard is seriously defending his choice of words. Everytime you say "gay" meaning "bad", everytime you say " ****" instead of "weak" and "coward" you're associating gay with something negative. By doing so you're contributing to the negative image of being gay. Weak, unmanly and therefore unnormal, unwanted and ultimately wrong. This leads to people not coming out, because they don't want everybody treating them different. It also leads to hate as being called gay is such an insult and to be avoided. Especially when there a no or very few out gay people around this negative image can translate to making these (unknown, far away, bad, sinful) gay people scapegoats and responsible for anything that goes wrong. Why is this so hard to understand? Of course everybody is free to hate or be weirded out by anything considered gay, but saying this kind of language is not anti-gay is just ignorant. Obviously Blizzard will never get any from me now.

Danny said:

I completely agree with Marcus.

Jikuu Moogle said:

This whole issue really rubs me the wrong way, and i'll try not to rant...

But the sample the used was bleeped out during the stream, this is stock footage from 3 - 4 years ago, where a WOW player gets interviewd about how he sees the game, he inst a blizzard employee afaik, he just comes across as a complete neaderthal.

That being said, the only bit that could be considerd offensive, is the use of the word c********r, which this day and age, does anyone honestly take offense to that? also you wouldn't know he uses that particular word without going out of your way and looking up the stock footage on youtube.

i've played wow for nearly 5 years now, and i have never had any negative reacties about my sexual orientation, neither has my boyfriend, so pictures of the community arent as bleak as one would suggest.

Actually on the subject of having gay characters in wow, personaly, it would be nice if there were some lore wise, but would that really change the game for the better? would the knowledge of Kael'Thas having a male suitor impact your play style or motivate you get an annual subscription? yeah, me neither. on that note, instead of all the outrage about lack of gay characters, sterotypical as they are, we have the blood elves, an entire race of sexy gay men with GREAT hair to identify with, thats more then most games give you.

Seriously though, i think this got way out of proportion, the guy said some stupid things a few years back, maybe he has grown out of his fratboy behaviour, maybe he hasnt, he has however, with the rest of the LVL90EC, issued a formal apology on the blizzard forums, case closed? i think so.

thanks for reading. /rant :(

VorpalBunny said:

I don't really think the issue is that Corpseater said these things. I don't really have many expectations from a grind core metal band (whom I don't like personally anyway, but that might be beside the point).

Blizzard using this footage? Even if they bleeped it out, they are a company that makes a huge portion of their profits online. And from what it looks like, all future games will likely require online connections for authentification.

You cannot be such a company and expect to air such a video without people figuring out what the words were at one point.

Here's a hint: if you have to bleep out a large portion of what someone is saying because it's offensive? You probably shouldn't officially associate it with your brand.

Allen said:

I've seen people claiming that it wasn't censored during the live show, which is apparantly not true (the videos that have been mirrored were done by people people who recorded it live, not by Blizzard).

I'm not sure how the video comes across when censored, but I imagine it's as a non-specific profanity-laced rant against the Alliance.

Joke or no, it was stupid to run a video of that nature at what's supposed to be family-friendly convention. Hopefully this will be a wakeup call. It's especially unfortunate after the positive response they gave about the possibility of adding LGBT characters to the game.

At any rate, I wanted to touch on a few comments:

Blizzard has locked threads and redirected the posters to a single dedicated thread, which starts off with an apology from the band L90ETC:

Regarding in-game behavior, it would be a violation of Blizzard's privacy policy to discuss the punishments issued to other player's accounts, and they lack the resources to monitor the game 24/7. All you can do is report the bad behavior and wait for an action to be taken. Know that they definitely DO ban players, typically after a warning or two.

Regarding Blizzard "racially stereotyping" the different races in the game, such as troll's having a Jamaican accent: the troll race is inspired by "voodoo culture", and not in any sort of offensive way. If anything it's a positive association, because trolls are cool.

Most of the races in the game are inspired by various real world cultures. The tauren are inspired by Native American culture, for example, and are treated as an honorable and wise race. The recent in-game death of the faction leader, and his son becoming the new leader, has been one of WoW's most emotional moments. During the "Children's Week" event, players were sent to watch the ceremonial lighting of his funeral pyre. I nearly cried!

Just listen to the beautiful music that plays in tauren cities:

Is that what passes for "racial insensitivity" these days?

Last point in this very long post, is that Blizzard DID briefly discuss LGBT characters during a Q&A panel, and said it was something they were open to, and considering representing in the game. In fact, there are already LGBT characters in the game, but not in any overt ways (for example, a quest in which a female NPC asks you to deliver some items to someone she has a crush on, and it turns out to be another female NPC).

Markus said:

What do you expect? It's Blizzard.

They have a long standing history of not even tolerating homophobia, but to penalize people who speak out against homophobia or try to create self-confidence trough pro-gay guilds or supportive forum entries, etc.

Dehnus said:

I always played a PVP Orc, but I'm quitting. This was the drop that flooded the bucket. The gameplay was the biggest gripe I had with it, the game got simpler and simpler and a 4 hour Alterac Valley battle that was balanced turned into a 15 minute unbalanced crap fest greatly favouring the Alliance.

But when I finally learned that people get spat on on Blizzcon for wearing an Alliance SHIRT? And people getting beaten up or pushed, then afterwards hearing official board members on stage agreeing with a person that "They should die!"... and then also expect these people to PAY for this CRAP!

Sorry I HATE Bullies Blizzard, and you turned into a Bully! And in fact all those people who cheered.. you are worse then a bully, you are what they call the "peer pressure group". The woman who now has a neck injury had a "VERY" nice time thanks to you. First being assaulted and then hearing she should die and a lot of peer pressure jerks repeating it.

Yes I love horde, but this crap wend too far. Since Blood Elves joined, alot of Holier then thou Alliance players changed sides and decided to overcompensate. And sadly this overcompensation was stimulated by Blizzard to sell their Horde crap. Not that I mind that..... but when it leads to violence I get pissed off.

I won't be extending my membership this month, and will be moving to TOR when it comes out. I already wanted to, but this really was the nail in the coffin. What stings the most is that they even let a PR person do the apologizing after Forum mods first agreed with the violence and statements made. And then it only is a "What are you whining about it was just a joke" and not even brought by the people themselves? No by a PR lackey.. piss off Samwise. I really respected you.. or used too.. but this crap wend too far. If you are a man and apologize yourself I am very willing to forgive as are others.. but till then you lost a lot of image in my eyes.

And this comes from a Horde player.

Dehnus said:

PS: I enjoy a good gay joke from time to time. But the Violence happening at Blizzcon is what made me so pissed off.

12thGay said:

There are several instances of the anti-gay slur "pansy" used by NPCs in game in a derogatory manner. Reporting them to Blizzard fell upon deaf ears, so I voted with my wallet. I'm not surprised they would endorse this video.

Franko said:

i know the video in question is old, but that's not really the point, other than it WAS ran uncensored (1st person account here:

my problem with this is that, while the guy saying it is just saying stuff you'd see in-game in /Trade or /General channels often, this person was invited BY BLIZZARD to perform, introduced by a LONGTIME, well-known and loved BLIZZARD EMPLOYEE, and they chose to run THAT PARTICULAR clip at their closing ceremony. it's clueless beyond belief for such a global company who normally is so in touch with their players. and to not quickly issue a real apology when this started is even more incredible.

Siannan said:

I've created a petition to Blizzard here:

Please help spread the word. We deserve accountability, a real apology, and concrete assurances this won't happen again.

cleaude said:

I don't know, it feels like an overreaction honestly.

The way I see it, George consciously went over the top with the alliance hate in that video to get the point across that he was, as he said afterwards, a nerd when it comes to WoW.

Also, this is Samwise's show, he clearly favors Horde and he doesn't get tired of pointing that out, do we really wanna get to a point where everything has to be sterilized through PR before we get to see it?

I'm fortunate enough to live in a country where being gay isn't really much of a topic anymore, so I don't feel the need to "stand up and fight" for our cause, which would be the only reason to go heavy against this sort of thing.

And if those words hurt your feelings you haven't been on the internet for long, your typical teenager will say much worse and actually mean it. Get a thicker skin and move on I say.

Calendril said:

I cancelled my account and told them if they issue a proper response, I'd be inclined to return.

Greg L said:

Blizzard needs to understand they are a big company now, and they need to be careful what image they wish to portray to their consumers.

If the video had been laden with racial slurs, would it have aired at Blizzcon? That seems the test for me. It isn't about growing a thicker skin, it is the casual acceptance of slurs against the LGBT community. They should be as unacceptable to show to a large audience as any other horrid slur that are now avoided because people know better.

Blizz shouldn't have given this video their casual endorsement by playing it at their official event. They should take ownership of their action. It was a completely tone deaf move on their part, and they should be held accountable.

M&M said:

"You find me offensive? I find you offensive, for finding me offensive..." --

shinymac said:

Honestly, I think that for a hot second Samwise and other let their metalnerdiness overwhelm them. I can state with some certainty that it's not a prevailing feeling at the company. In fact... it's pretty harshly dealt with. This instance is bothersome, sure. I hope people speak up constructively and let Blizzard know how they feel. But to parlay this into "Blizzard are bigots" is just silly. If you're legitimately harassed in game, it will get dealt with. Just because you're not told doesn't mean it's not happening. They will deal with it, but they're not going to drag someone's toon into Goldshire for a public execution. It's my understanding that this extends into public channels as well.

But because they have decent customer service, they're not going to tell you specifically what they're doing to other people and they will give you a standard response. Your only recourse when you're being legitimately harassed or bullied in game is to tell them. With specifics. They *will* handle it.

To the point of character design, plot, story, etc. being any sort of -ist or -phobic... that's a cliche argument and frankly they didn't design any race thinking "And these will be the black people!" To think so is just ridiculous and hardly effective for proving any point whatsoever. That interpretation has more to do with the perceiver than the designer. They're not designing to make real-world ties. But you can apply any theory filter and claim WoW "is" that. It's feminist because of powerful female characters seeking revenge on men; it's misogynistic because there are no human queens, only beasts; it's homophobic because there are no LGBT characters; it's heterophobic because all high-level caster gear are "dresses"... it's all in the eyes of the beholder.

That's not the point here. The point here is that visible Blizzard personalities made a poor judgement call. We should let them know that, and there are ways to do so. The forums may be a little cluttered at this point. And calling customer service won't do you any good. You can, however, always e-mail their PR people: Be constructive but passionate. They respond to that. Tell them your experiences, your successes, how proud you are of your character, and maybe how that gets tarnished a bit when things like this happen. Throwing a fit like a child just makes you look irrational. I'll be contacting them, letting them know I hope they look a little more closely before making decisions like this. I've just begun finding my niche as a gay nerd, and part of that is enjoying this game.

shinymac said:

Wooow - If you watch the first 30 seconds of the video and can't understand what's potentially homophobic or hateful, I'm thinking you're on the wrong gamer site.

Markus - You're quoting a years old story. There are actually annual pride parades on some servers. And the actual issue there is Blizzard was attempting to follow a non-discrimination policy: guilds should not be exclusive of anyone so as not to create animosity. So all-gay guilds violated that policy. And they like people to refrain from using "Gay" or any euphemisms thereof in any names because it's a text-based medium. People using these words for empowerment or pride will likely be targeted for harassment. Or conversely, people who are appropriately actioned for using them negatively will then point to these guilds or whatever and say "They're saying it, but I can't?" They do what they can in-game to keep everyone free from offensive language and harassment. The issue is, different people consider different things offensive for different reasons.

Again, I say if you're in game and you feel legitimately harassed and can describe the situation, the other party will be dealt with.

Madgamer said:

sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will hurt forever. I hope Blizzard gets boycotted and everyone will play another game than that evil demonic game World of warcract

Eric Brasure said:


What country is that? Candyland?

Shin Gallon said:

For the first time ever, this makes me want to play WoW just so I can go Alliance, just to piss him off.
But then I remember that WoW looks boring as shit and I have better things to do with my time, like anything that's not playing WoW.

@Allen: Yes, actually, the Tauren race in-game is incredibly culturally insensitive. It appropriates willy-nilly from a wide variety of native american nations and smooshes them into a white-man's fantasy of the "noble savage".

Super_Cat said:

Insulting your fans is always a bad move.

Now I know they didn't do it directly, but they hired the band and are defending them, so they can hold the blame.

kittysox said:

We'll we were discussing our discontent on the official forum last night and being attacked rather strongly for doing so. From what I can tell, I as well as many other forum posters were banned for using homophobic language. I suppose it's time to take my leave from the World of Warcraft, forum banned for being offended by that video and speaking my mind.

Limeade said:

I would like to echo what Marcus said. "Every time you say "gay" meaning "bad", every time you say " ****" instead of "weak" and "coward" you're associating gay with something negative. By doing so you're contributing to the negative image of being gay. Weak, unmanly and therefore unnormal, unwanted and ultimately wrong."

THIS is the issue and the problem. There is nothing oversensitive about it. It is association of negativity over something a person cannot (nor should) change. It sends a message - and we are all products of the media deluge day in and day out whether we are conscious of it or not. It affects us socially and influences others on what is acceptable or not acceptable. Words of hate, used to hurt and harm and invalidate someone's existence, of who they are, is wrong and should not be tolerated.

If someone cannot understand how it all is interconnected and how it affects people, then I think they should check their privilege.

Zandilar said:

I think Shinymac hits the nail on the head. Was it an incredibly poor choice, yes. Does Blizzard's history show themselves to be intolerant of the LGBT community? No. As a gay gamer myself, I have found Blizzard has my back when ever I have been harassed or worse in game. They have always been respectful of me, and very professional in how they handle the matters.
Was the apology less than stellar. Yes.. it was a bit weak. Like Shinymac said though, I think a letter to their pr department would do more than a forum post.

Was this an incredibly poor choice, and a sever lack of judgement. Yes. Though I can also accept that as humans, we all make mistakes. I am not ready to enact a boycott over one mistake.

Brian said:

Thanks Blizzard, I'll take my gay dollars elsewhere!

Mike said:

Of course you know who else suppressed opinions not agreeing with their own...*insert heavy dose of irony here*

Apparently, I'm not allowed to have an opinion that contradicts or criticises the mods own.

Nice GG, nice.

Randy Marr said:

As a Blizzard employee, and a Gay man, I can tell you that what happened in no way reflects anything about how Blizzard operates. And the fact that everybody is getting in such a huff over it is only showing the hateful folk that their words still hold power over us, and thusly, they do. Until we learn to stop letting stupid people and their stupid words affect us, we'll never be equals to them. I hope you're all aware of that.

And on another note, doesn't South Park use this same kind of language? Haven't they for over a decade? Why is nobody complaining about that? I'd be willing to bet many of you who have posted here love that show, which throws "Gay" as a negative term all the time. "Oh, but Big Gay Al was funny!" Yeah... And you wonder why other people find gay people offensive.

doug rich said:

Randy: No.

You do NOT get to tell us that the world will only get better when we stop insisting that we be treated well, and when we start learning to better ignore the sting of the whip of our masters.

That's complete and total hogwash, and rather than making any cogent point all it does it point to the depth of your own self-loathing.

If you insist on flaunting your shameful brand of head-in-the-sand wait-until-they-stop-beating us anti-activism, please do us the courtesy of stating it as your opinion, not as hard fact.

Span_Wolf said:

I actually had to ban someone from my IRC channel over this earlier today.

JayBrown80 said:

@ Randy Marr

Then please, by all means, defend your company and explain to us WHY we shouldn't believe this is typical of Blizzard? Don't just wag your finger, say "that's not how it is" and expect us to take your word as gospel.

My only experience with Blizzard on gay issues is their horrofic homophobic playerbase, that in 8 years they have yet to include even ONE major gay character (only 2 NPCs i know of can even be considered gay, and it's thru coded language and innuendo), they banned gay friendly guilds in a huge PR debacle, and they played a video of a guy calling the player base "homo" and "cocksuckers".

And their response over all this is "God, sorry you were offended and can't take a joke".

So, it doesn't seem like they are a very LGBT friendly company. As a man on the inside, please tell us why that is not true.

Katie Berger Tremaine said:

Randy Marr,

In fact, I haven't watched South Park in years, in large part BECAUSE they casually use aggressively homophobic and transphobic language and images, culminating in three years of constant abuse aimed toward the transgender community in the form of "Mrs. Garrison."

I was considering re-upping in World of Warcraft, but Blizzard apparently can do without my gay, tranny money.

Zandilar said:


The president of the company issued a statement. I will let you all decide for yourselves what you think of it.

doug rich said:

It's ok, while Randy was Uncle Tomming it, his boss was busy being the bigger man - thus disproving Randy's suggestion that we all just shut up about offensive speech.

Turns out, speaking up DOES work.

Justquitwow said:

So can I raise a ticket in Warcraft about blizzard themselves? In all honestly, this makes a joke of wow even allowIng you to report offensive behaviour when this video promotes hate. And using the "just a joke", excuse means that if I get homophobia in wow, and the player defends with "just a joke", blizzard has set a precedence. Bah!

SuperSensitive said:

Oh noes. Someone used the term gay to describe something lame. Time to get the PC censor-cops a-kickin'!

Ryan said:

Just thought I'd add my two cents on this. I can't fully comprehend what it would be like growing up and living in a society where your sexual preferences may not be accepted - but the world is full of descrimination, whether it's intended or not. I don't think homosexual or gays should even be offended by this as its quite obvious the man is just using the words without any real attachment to their meaning.

Yes he's using them in a derogatorive manner, but these words could be anything and still have the same implication. I think words like 'queer', 'fag', and 'gay' are often used without any implication of the target being an actual homosexual, or even that being homosexual is a bad thing. More often than not it just happens to be words people commonly associate with something bad rather than anything deeper. I don't consider myself homophobic at all, yet more than once I've found myself going "oh that's gay" without any real consideration to what exactly I've just implied.

Am I suggesting that this is fine and acceptable to use these words in this way? Not at all - and I do think it's sad that someone's sexuality has been embedded into our vocabulary in such a manner. But if these words were replaced with something like stupid or retarded and now you're offending anyone with a learning disability or mental retardation.

To throw your arms up in the air and throw tantrums at Blizzard is doing a disservice to yourself. Yes, this man should have been more careful with his words, but I think you're all reading into this far more than is necessary and that you have to realise derogatory terms always have a basis, but not everyone using the term instantly associates it with that basis. Everyone is guilty of this, even gays.

JoeFlannery said:

It is extremely obvious (to me anyway) that in the video of him bashing Alliance (those scum) that he deliberately went over the top for attention and because the person interviewing him was laughing he kept on going.

I do disagree with Blizzard using it as promo material at Blizzcon. Very bad taste, which I think we can all agree on. I dont however see why so many people are getting up in arms over it. I am not personally gay, but have nothing against those who are. I have had many varied gay/bi/TS/TG friends thru my life, and know that that little video of him on a WoW rant wouldnt bother them. Their opinion was, we are ______ and pround. Sure, maybe slightly offended, but all of them were intelligent enough to be able to see a bad, tasteless joke from a man that is OBVIOUSLY desiring attention was just that.

If you want to be mad about something, dont let it be that "Oh, my feelings are hurt." Be mad that Blizzard had such a gap in logic that they allowed it to happen in the first place.

Shouldnt the mindset be, "Shame on you Blizzard for thinking this is acceptable content" over, "Im gay and play WoW so the MUST be talking about me in a bad way!"

tl;dr The man is talking about a faction within a game, not a specific subset of the populace. If I played Alliance (For the Horde!), he would have been referring to me as well.

Dehnus said:

It isn't the gay language that I'm Angry about. It is the bullying, spitting on and assaulting Alliance Players.

I am an Orc fan here, and after that Dwarves but I always played Horde. But I will NOT give in to peer pressure from BULLIES! as that is how I see you guys now. You guys are bullies because you don't even have the decency to say that it is NOT all right to physically hurt someone. And I hate bullies, that I play Orcs (BOth in Warhammer games as Warcraft games) doesn't mean that I'm a brute in real life. Yes I am a big guy, but I get very angry if some group thinks it is ok to pick on a weaker one or less represented group.

Wave it away with "LOL take a joke it is a joke hahaha" all you want. But that only serves to prove my point. It is the same reply you get from bullies on playgrounds when you call them out for what they did. I always knew Blizzcon was mostly Horde centred and I didn't mind, but I didn't know it was as bad as now people finally dare to say. Spitting on people for wearing an Alliance shirt is NOT ok. Assaulting women for wearing a Night Elf shirt (and I"m very Anti Elf in the game Blood or Night) is NOT OK, calling people names for dressing up as an Alliance character... is NOT OK.. pushing people around for that reason.. is NOT OK. And if Blizzard thinks it is then frankly I am glad that I quitting next month.

I'm glad that I"m only a small fry and worth nothing, as that means I will never meet you or other Blizzard Employees. Since if this is normal in your company, it would only take time before I beat your teeth in for picking on someone.

Sorry to sound angry but I pretty much am. I hate bullies! (Unless they are Tauren, but real Tauren don't bully they just are Bullies by birth.. which is different FOR THE MOOOOO! ;)).

Fox said:

Where exactly was the Anti-Gay part of this?

doug rich said:

Fox: Calling a group of people "cocksuckers [who] deserve to die" is not only anti-gay, it's anti a coupla things. Like women, or people who like cock but want to not die.

g_whiz said:

Wow. Nothing I like more than random people telling me how I'm supposed to feel about things they're not impacted by. "I don't care about this, so you can't talk about it/ or feel differently than I do/ so shut up" is exactly what you're saying when you say "stop being so sensitive!".

Its ridiculous how often I see this surrounding video game culture lately. Batman Arkham City calls Catwoman a bitch few hundred times an hour. Someone comments to that effect and there's a thousand comments about how unimportant it is to talk about for no other reason than that the guys playing it can't bring themselves to care. But they do care enough to talk about how unimportant the opinion of a woman (or anyone else) who might be annoyed by it shouldn't matter. Its all about control.

rriot said:

Do Blizzard even care that they're straight up insulting their own fanbase?

Ex-Blizz fan said:

Its funny that people think blizzard cares about their customer base. They have had such a over-inflated ego for years. I quit because of them blatantly lying to customers and such. Sadly I think that a buisness SHOULD hold their word to the people who pay them.

Jin Slagg said:

So much for freedom of speech. I would not and never would apologize for any comment I would make. People are so sensitive these days. I find it totally ridiculous that people get so offended these days. Really? There are much more important things going on in the world today. He is entitled to his comments. If you don't like it, then don't watch it! And I too am wondering where the Anti Gay comments came in. Well that is the problem with liberals these days....

ristar said:

After reading this article, I realized that "gay slurs" and "anti-gay slurs" mean the exact same thing. :P

doug rich said:

Jin Slagg: Thanks for letting us know that you're a terrible person who would never apologize for the mistakes that he, as a fallible human being, is bound to make!

I dunno what about that trait you think is something to brag about, but congrats anyway!

"If you don't like it, then don't watch it!" is a great attitude that certainly applies to SOME things (like this article, for you - why are you here if you don't like it?) and does NOT apply to others (like language that promotes violence appearing in a corporate setting).

You also might want to read the definitions of "freedom" and "license." This was actually a pretty libertarian situation: Nobody took away Blizzard's freedom to say hateful things. Blizzard listened to the reaction and decided to apologize, thus wielding their freedom of speech to - brace yourself - apologize.

We know that you have a problem with the idea of apologies, but thankfully some people at Blizzard are a little bit more thoughtful.

billyjack said:

Well shockingly Blizzard said something they've never tried to stiffle anti gay comments so why now 1 month and im done Old Republic can have my money now.

Nexus said:

Because Old Republic is the perfect example of a gay-friendly MMORPG?
Yeah, that explains why I can buy it at release and have an equivalent experience to a straight gamer. Oh wait...

Drougle said:

@Doug Rich

Stop being overly dramatic to prove a point. The only video that was shown, was a video that was 15 seconds long. That's out of 9 full minutes. Every, single, curse word was bleeped out. But is that good enough for you? What would I do if had an agenda, and I were trying my hardest to prove that I am right? I would ignore the facts. I would pretend that I was so offended, but then I would watch the original, unedited video. And then I would post that original, unedited video on a site to try to enflame people. I would do that, because I would be a miserable fuck who wants to try to cause other people harm or misery. I'm sorry, but gamers are exposed to much, much, much worse in games. But let's get back to the facts. And quit with your crusade.

The fact is that it's only a small fraction of people that will actually lie, and twist the facts around to try to get their point across. Nobody was offended at blizzcon. Nobody thought anything of it until they went anonymous behind their computers.

And last but not least, there were no "attacks on alliance" at blizzcon. This is pure 100% propoganda. Do you know how many people were there? Almost 30,000. It would have been caught on camera somewhere. But there was nothing to see. People are just bad all around. And so are many of you claiming that this was such an atrocity. You're in it for the drama, and to try to affect someone else's life because you aren't happy with your own. So while you may write things to try to convince everyone that you are so righteous, nobody buys it. Your agenda is flying bright right above your heads.

Ignoring truth, and interpreting someone's intent are just as hateful. And that's what happens when you get people together. The mob mentality takes over, and they're carrying their torches and looking for the "Bad guy". When the reality of it is, it's themselves. Look at history. And you'll see that history is full of it. But since people don't go parading around with torches looking for the offender, they sit behind a computer and do the same thing. And it's sickening.

nunya said:


In the version shown there was nothing bad said. I understand when there are actual things done that one can take offense to, but this is like standing on a sidewalk, watching a bus come to a stop then running at full speed into the bus and yelling that the bus hit you.

This is some of the worst propaganda and is akin to the "fines" levied by pro-gay organizations against filmmakers and celebrities. Get a grip.

naruhodo said:

This and the general state of the WoW "community" is just another good reason that I'm glad I haven't played WoW for years :D

Dave in Sacramento said:

If one tries to post in the Blizzard forum, one receives the following message (edited): Please report any Code of Conduct violations, including: Threats of violence. >We take these seriously and will alert the proper authorities. >Harassing or discriminatory language. This will not be tolerated."

Clearly, one can't post violent language or discriminatory language in their forum; but openly screaming it at the largest Blizzard forum is completely encouraged.. Wow! To hell with Blizzard and their homophobic hatred...

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Get Laid in Chicago

Luparul said:

Well, completely disconsidering the above post, the whole thing is lame:
1. The said video was an interview (taken most probably after Corpsegrinder game raged)
2. The said video was the reason the NPC Corpsegrinder got in the game (Borean Tundra)
3. Blizzard has a rock super-group... not a hint for anyone, I guess
4. The game is based entirely on antithesis. Opposing classes, opposing groups, opposing factions.
5. There is no equality. With equality there would be no alts. With equality there is no playability and with no playability there is no profit. Any idea why with every expansion/ patch, the IMBAness is shifted towards other classes? 'Cause it doesn't make sense otherwise. In other words, prepare to get beaten senseless by pandas (with rage comes determination and since you will want to prove anyone anything, you will play more) or make some pandas (and again increase your playing time) - aka you lose, Blizz wins :)
6. You, all who are appalled by this, do nothing more than Corpsegrinder did in the memorable video. Just rage. By raging, you're taking sides, just like Corpsegrinder did. I sort of got used to being called FILTHY HORDE. Point is, what you are doing is completely useless to you, and utterly useful for Blizz :)

fat loss said:

I believe you are right completely!!

alraera said:

he said motherfucker. im offended, i have a mother.

Great goods from you, man. Anti-Gay Speech At BlizzCon 2011? - I've understand your stuff previous to and you are just too magnificent. I really like what you've acquired here, really like what you're stating and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still take care of to keep it smart. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is actually a terrific Anti-Gay Speech At BlizzCon 2011? - informations.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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