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Audio File Friday 'LDVGM'


Greetings audiophiles!

A couple of weeks months ago Audio File Friday got its first taste of metal with the help of Metroid Metal, who've taken their love of Samus Aran to hardcore new head-banging depths. That particular post got a lot of response here, and elsewhere, from all the metalheads lurking around.

Yeah, I see you.

Turns out there's a lot more video game metal out there than I originally thought. So with all of that in mind I've decided to dedicate every Audio File Friday this month to the metal gaymers. So prepare yourselves, it'll be a month devoted to guitar shredding, riffs, and power chords.

To kick things off I've decided to start with relatively unknown guy who calls himself LDVGM. He specializes in metal, rock, and progressive gaming covers and even better he's pretty darn good at making them too. All by himself no less.

LDVGM, real name Lee Duffy (hence Lee Duffy Video Game Music), hails from the UK. Information on the lad is scarce but as he puts it, 'I play guitar, like video games.' Good enough for me, and really all you need. Sure I usually like to delve into the artists' history before diving into the music but sometimes it's best to just let the music speak for itself, yeah?

First of all there's the track that got my attention in the first place, this delightful I need more metal-y terms cover of Super Mario 64's Bowser's Lair.

I was just casually clicking around youtube, not really looking for anything in particular when suddenly this bad boy showed up as a suggested video. Of course I clicked through, having some very fond memories of the original tune and how it motivated me to cross all those lava pools and finally confront Bowser.

And now I want to do all of those things and mosh while I'm doing it.

Speaking of fond memories, Final Fantasy 7 is right up there alongside Super Mario 64 for me in terms of sentimentality. And with this metal mix of FF7's battle theme all of that sentimentality has been transformed into a rush of energy and a desperate need to throw up the horns.

It's a song that's been covered a million times, and not always well, but when you find a good cover you can't help but love it just as much as the first time you heard it.

Not unlike this next one, the instantly recognizable Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic The Hedgehog. Definitely classify this one under prog. rock before metal, but don't think for a second it doesn't go as hard as the other tracks.

Less recognizable, but no less epic, is this truly spectacular Golden Axe Medley that just makes me go, 'what ever happened to Golden Axe, and why did I never realize it had such outstanding music?' BRB crying about Golden Axe

And when I say epic, I don't mean it in the casual way, I mean legitimately epic. As in, nearly half an hour and barely any opportunities to catch a break. Strap in for this one:

Now, I'd be remiss to not include this rockin' version of Final Fantasy 6's battle theme. The game is considered by many to be the best in the series, but it is often overlooked and is shockingly one of the least ported and publicized in the series. Where's my DS port squeenix!? Or any port for that matter

Don't get me wrong FF7 and FF4 are two of my favorites, but couldn't Square Enix sacrifice one of those games' many spin-offs, sequels, and ports and do a FF6 one? I don't think that's asking much.

One of the identifying traits of metal music is the steady drumming and guitar chords that supports the crazy guitar wailing, and of all the covers LDVGM has done this one really highlights that:

It's the simple yet irreplaceable and iconic Victory Road theme from the original Pokemon Red and Blue,

If I was listening to this every time I tried to take on the Elite Four maybe I wouldn't have lost so many times.

Oh, and just because it's a requirement for all video game cover artists he also did a cover of Dr. Wily from Megaman 2.

LDVGM keeps it simple, and let's his music do all the talking screaming.

If the guy has got you screaming and whipping out your lighters for more then you should definitely check out the rest of his music on his official youtube channel, his official soundcloud, and of course, be sure to like him on facebook.

Let Mr. Duffy take care of you this weekend, and I'll catch you guys right back here next week for more metal gaming covers than you can even handle.



Carl said:

I love gaming.

I LOVE Heavy Metal.

Put the two together and what do you get? One very, very, very happy bigamer...

Bill said:

This guy is pretty damn good!

Lee Duffy said:

Wow, Thanks guys!

Dustrick said:

They're neat and sound good but...they're all way too easy, and each example you've shown us is a song that pretty much already sounds like it was done in Metal many times before!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Dustrick on Audio File Friday 'LDVGM': They're neat and sound good but...they're all way too easy, and each example you've shown us is a song that...

Lee Duffy on Audio File Friday 'LDVGM': Wow, Thanks guys!...

Bill on Audio File Friday 'LDVGM': This guy is pretty damn good!...

Carl on Audio File Friday 'LDVGM': I love gaming. I LOVE Heavy Metal. Put the two together and what do you get? One very, very, very...

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