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Audio File Friday 'MegaDriver'


Greetings audiophiles!

Metal Month rolls on!

All this month Audio File Friday is being dedicated to the metal heads out there; each week featuring a different gaming band that specializes in metal covers of all the classics.

This week it's all about Sega. Oh, think that it's already been a decade since the Dreamcast was discontinued. Once upon a time the house that Sonic built was right up there alongside Nintendo and Sony in the console wars we all know so well. From the Genesis to the Game Gear to the Dreamcast there was a time when Sega prided itself on standing alongside the big boys and, in many instances, even surpassing them.

Sega of today is a very different company, focused entirely on trying to make a good Sonic gamegame development and not on consoles whatsoever, their spot in the war filled by the big green Microsoft. But for many, myself included, memories of Sega's days as a console crafter and industry leader will always be close to our hearts.

It's frustrating to no end imagining all of the untapped potential the Dreamcast had. So why don't we channel that aggression into a positive place by reliving some Sega classics in Metal form courtesy of the aptly named MegaDriver.

Hailing all the way from Brazil, MegaDriver takes their name from the Sega MegaDrive, known as the Sega Genesis in the US. The group has dedicated itself to 'paying homage to classic video games.' To this end they make all of their music completely free, referring to themselves as a 'non-profit independent project.' That's right, these guys are doing it entirely for the love of games and we gamers couldn't be more thankful.


The band's current lineup consists of founder Nino Megadriver on guitar, guitarist Tura Marks, bassist Rub√£o, drummer Jeff Pound, and vocalist Allan Big Thunder. The band has seen some membership changes since its founding in 2003 but has consistently produced some truly top notch metal covers.


They've released nine albums and a collection of singles since jumping into the scene, and they don't seem to be showing any signs of stopping any time soon.

So let's dive in and get to what we're all here for: the music. The band has focused heavily on Sega titles but has found time to spread the love around to plenty of non-Sega classics as well.

First of all the band's newest release, a non-Sega song but wow! Who knew Pitfall of all things could be this intense?


And here we have one of their many Sonic The Hedgehog covers. The group has released an entire album dedicated to the speedy blue hedgehog, and hearing MegaDriver cover these famous tracks just leaves one yearning for the days of chubby classic Sonic; when things were as simple as running fast and collecting rings. And furry friends were few and far between.

Note the awesome Genesis guitar mod, the perfect compliment to Nino's Sonic-face guitar mod.

And considering this is, I figured it'd be a good idea to include this delightful cover from one of the most homoerotic classic games ever: Double Dragon. Billy and Jimmy Lee had some serious bro-cest going on, just sayin', and it didn't stop between just the two main characters either.

This Top Gear cover takes the Metal genre and brings it into a new realm with the help of synth and an overall lighter and more melodic sound.

Now I know I said today would be all about Sega, but when Metal Gear Solid music shows up and is done this well? How could I refuse? There are a bunch of gaming songs that get covered a million times over, but I don't think I've ever heard Metal Gear done quite like this:

This really puts the metal in Metal Gear doesn't it?

And to get back to the Sega Genesis-thing, here's a spectacular Streets of Rage cover that is so easy to get lost in there should be a warning sign. Seriously, just listen to those guitar long guitar wails and tell me you're not hooked.

And believe me when I say, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

As I mentioned, the band has nine, count 'em, nine, albums out and they are jam packed with tracks from all the classics. From less well known but no less awesome Sonic levels to the always enjoyable Guile theme there's something here for everybody. There's even an entire album dedicated to Golden Axe which, as you may recall, has some amazing music that is prime-picking to be metalized.

And it's all absolutely, positively, FREE. Be sure to go and pick up all of their albums, or if you prefer you can download only the tracks you really love. But considering it's all free if you've got the memory why not just go to town? Who knows you might find something new to love?

You can grab all the MegaDriver music you could wish for at their official website, and of course there you'll also get all the latest updates about performances (mostly around South America) and new releases. Be sure to follow the entire group on twitter: Nino, Jeff, and Rubao. And as always be sure to like 'em on facebook, where the band is relatively new so why not send some like-love their way?

is one of the first, and without them most of the well known gaming metal groups out there might not exist. These groundbreaking Sega-loving guys are truly some of gaming music's greats and Metal Month wouldn't be complete without them.

Be sure to come right back here next week for more Audio File Friday Metal Month, and until then let MegaDriver take care of you.



Shin Gallon said:

My Dreamcast is still hooked up to my TV via a VGA box. The games hold their own with modern games and oftentimes look better than so-called "HD" re-releases of games originally from the system. I love my little white box of awesome. It still has the best launch lineup ever.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Shin Gallon on Audio File Friday 'MegaDriver': My Dreamcast is still hooked up to my TV via a VGA box. The games hold their own with modern...

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