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Free Downloadable BioShock Monopoly Board

BioShock Monopoly Board.jpg

I hate to sound like everyone's father, but I know what this "Halloween" business is all about. Yeah, you say that you're just going to get together with a few friends, have a drink or two, and perhaps cut a bit loose. Well I've been there Buster, and let me tell you, it goes wrong before you even get a chance to say, "What's your name, Candy*ss?" Soon enough you wake up in a jail cell with a pounding headache, an inability to recall the previous night, and as you will later find out from your doctor, a nasty case of VD.

So how do you purge your soul of the shame and regret accumulated over those fateful few hours? The answer is simple, and frankly, I'm disappointed that you haven't already guessed: BioShock Monopoly. Indeed, free market problems (i.e. lots of alcohol and terrible costumes) require free market solutions - especially fitting for the subject at hand, as one of the major themes in BioShock is capitalism. Keep in mind this is the Randian, "beat the working class until they cry, and then laugh at them for being weak" variety, rather than the regulated form to which we've become accustomed, but the same rule applies. This version of Monopoly comes as a digital download, including the board, all the title deeds and, more important than life itself, money. Unfortunately, as I go through the images in the BioShock Monopoly zip file, I see that it is missing the "Swami" and "Power to the People" cards, which I can only assume are the equivalent of "Chance" and "Community Chest." In fairness, quite a bit of work was put into everything else, and it would have no doubt been extraordinarily time consuming to write up and design them all. One will simply have to make do with the standard Monopoly cards, so long as you refer to the latter as "Venture Capitalist's Chest" - or something along those lines.

You'll probably need to fork over a decent chunk of change to enjoy this creation, assuming that, like me, you are without a printer. When I'm not doing articles for the site, I'm slaving away at a retail store working in the consumer printing sector which, while sending me headlong into a drinking habit so severe that I cough blood every morning not the most fulfilling job, does give me some insight into the cost of these sort of things. Be forewarned: Color printing can add up quickly, and the cost of the board (which will be considered large format printing) can be downright predatory. However, should you feel inclined to bring this beauty into the physical realm - it is quite impressive indeed - know that I will envy you from afar. BioShock Monopoly can be downloaded at this link.

via GamePro

Kudos to "KatMann" for this little diddy, and have a happy Halloween!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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