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Friday Frivolity: Arts & Crafts Edition


As I mentioned in a previous article, I've been pushing for "arts & crafts" time on the site with unmatched fervor. As I subsequently mentioned, this was a fact born from the heart of a liar, and should be disregarded with the utmost scorn. As a way of making amends, this installment of Friday Frivolity features the work of one "cemmdee," whose pumpkin carvings are, while already impressive, made all the more so by her video game-inspired creations. Ico, Doom II, and Minesweeper, all make an appearance, as well as many others that aren't represented in the gallery below. Employing not only detailed and precise carving that screams "Grab your DSM IV, I think he's having a manic spell," this high priestess of All Hallows Eve has, in stark defiance of both God and science, employed some rather artful shading on her medium of choice. Now in the interest of full disclosure, my prowess for art extends no further than stick figures with vaguely-distinctive facial features; thus, pumpkin carving sessions usually devolve into a raucous bout taking my blade of choice/glorified bread knife to my festive canvas like some kind of maniacal, avant-garde performance artist, while friends and/or family look on with muted concern. This probably makes me rather unqualified to properly gauge the difficulty of her work, but for what it's worth, I find it all most praiseworthy.

So on that note, I applaud cemmdee on a job well done, and encourage everyone to check her deviantart page to explore the oft-forgotten art of pumpkin carving. She is nothing if not a vibrant woman.

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