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Irrational Not To Develop BioShock For Vita?


Vita season is coming up relatively shortly, and a such, there is much in the way of buzz around the new system's lineup of games. Launch titles are one thing, but what about long-term dollops of digital loveliness - by which, I of course mean the forthcoming BioShock game?

In an interview with Joystiq, Ken Levine described the upcoming Vita title as "still sort of in the paper design stage." This was alluded to during E3, during which he mentioned the "pet project" of Irrational - the game will not be a port of Infinite, nor will it necessarily take place in either Columbia or Rapture - as a game that was merely in its initial stages. In fact, a Vita port of Infinite seems unlikely, with Levine saying:

I think for us, the idea we have is a really good expression on a platform like that [Vita]. It's a different goal. And it has to sort of have its own voice in the franchise. If it just feels like a quieter voice in the franchise, I don't think that works. For us.

Not surprisingly, there's no hint of even a tentative release date just yet. Somewhat troubling is the fact that, with the company's resources focused on Infinite, Irrational seems as though it may be considering turning over responsibility for the Vita title to a different company. No names were given, with Levine saying only that he had been in contact with some "extraordinary people" regarding the possibility of outside development.

What do you think, gamers? Does the revelation impact your interest in the upcoming title, or does the thought of plasmids/plasmid-lie tonics/liquid magic supersede even the most dire of anticipations? Sound off in the comments section below!



Gamescook said:

I figure that most good studios can work from the Bioshock template established thus far and provide solid gameplay, but the overall experience will only end up suffering if the story and writing staff from Irrational's main workforce cannot be retained for this Vita project.

I Was A Cactus said:

^ What Gamescook said.

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