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Italian TV Station "Fox Retro" Goes 8 Bit

S*ck it, "Nick at Nite."

Fox Retro, brought to you by Rupert Murdoch (who still lives, due to what I can only assume is a pact with the devil), is an Italian television channel that specializes in American television shows from the 70s through the 90s. What connection would such a channel have to video games, one might ask? Check out the video above, and all shall be revealed in a pixelicious array of mirth and good cheer.

Indeed, our friends by the Mediterranean have decided to pay homage not only to classic shows such as The A-Team, Star Trek and others, but have done so in the form of 8-bit goodness. It's a whimsical frolic through the flowering fields of nostalgia, yet this stylish and charming display carries with it a rather depressing commentary on the fall of Italian dominance. Once home to the greatest empire civilization has ever know, Italy has largely fallen off the map - figuratively, of course - leaving its mark on the world in the form of historical monuments, sexy citizens, and a Prime Minister who is known to friends and close associates as Silvio "Big Pimpin" Berlusconi. Beyond that, I confess to having a vast ignorance of the country's history and culture, despite my best friend being of Italian stock. Stubbornly, she has divulged little about her ancestral homeland; thus my knowledge of Italy extends little beyond the fact that they gave us pasta and Fascism - all things considered, I think the former was the bigger hit.

Then of course, there's Mario, and god knows Italy will get everyone back for that one day. Not now, not tomorrow, and perhaps not even the day after - but someday. Two hundred years from now, when MussiliniBot 422X comes off the assembly line in some underground, "Black Projects" R&D facility - his machine heart beating with the hatred of untold generations - it will all make sense.

God help us all.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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