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Kickstarter: Bhaloidam

I will give the following caveat: Corvus is a friend of mine, and I have been watching him develop this project for quite some time. What project? This Kickstarter funded project to publish a tabletop game.

"But Vorpal!" you might exclaim, "what does this have to do with these games of video or gay gaming, or--"

Here I would interrupt you. I have spoken with Corvus about this project at length over the years. What he is offering is an open platform: one that operates less on numbers and spreadsheets and tons of rulebooks, and one that puts the focus on telling stories. What type of stories?

I've seen quite the range. From story rules involving Cthulhu, to siblings attending a funeral, and as I have discussed with him, the stories we may wish to tell, whether they focus on being LGBT or not. The name itself, Bhaloidam, which is derived from roots that mean "story", "play", and "community," depends on people getting together and telling stories they want to tell and have a game to play while doing so.

Since I also know Corvus personally, I know he is a vocal supporter of this community, and I wish to invite any who might be interested in supporting him in turn. As of writing this, the project is $5,986 away from funding, and has five days left. Kickstarter campaigns often see surges in the last few days, so here's to wishing Corvus the best of luck!

If you do have questions, please feel free to contact Corvus himself, as he tends to be a pretty chatty, open fellow.

P.S. If you have a project of your own you wish to discuss with us, please feel free to email me and we'll start talking.


[dave] said:

Cool ... just backed it.

pseunkell said:

Общительная, симпатичная девушка без комплексов пpадаст вагон цемента vsembezplatno :)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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pseunkell on Kickstarter: Bhaloidam: Общительная, симпатичная девушка без комплексов пpадаст вагон цемента vsembezplatno :)...

[dave] on Kickstarter: Bhaloidam: Cool ... just backed it....

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