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Mini SingStore Update


This week's update for the SingStore is rather tiny, and not all that fantastic, but at least there's enough variety that there's one song I'm definitely picking up. Can you guess which one?

"A Girl Like You" by Edwyn Collins
"Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson
"I Feel The Earth Move" by Martika
"Hablame De Ti" by Pecos
"Take It On The Run" by REO Speedwagon
"The Unguarded Moment" by The Church
"Eloise" by The Damned
"Hit That" and "Want You Bad" by The Offspring

And the answer is the Kelly Clarkson tune. Congratulations to all the winners! (Not that you won anything...)

I thought the SingStar updates were larger because they only released new DLC every other week. Hopefully in two weeks we'll get a better selection! I'd hate to think they're scaling back here like they did with Lips... because that led to no more additional content support for Lips at all. I'd hate to have to rely on only Rock Band for my home karaoke game needs!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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