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Nintendo 3DS Event Happening Oct. 21st


Nintendo's not-so-terribly-super-secret 3DS-travaganza (version 2.0) is happening tomorrow (or today, depending on when you're reading this), and for those who nostrils are not ablaze with the dull waft of indifference, the event looks to tie up a few loose ends. According to Andriasang, "This pre-recorded presentation, hosted by CEO Satoru Iwata, will cover details that could not be covered during the September event." The 3DS conference page, looking quite similar to that of the September event, can be accessed at the following link. Between the indecipherable wall of Japanese characters (assuming you don't speak Japanese; if you do, then well done) there is a currently-inactive UStream icon. In all likelihood the link should be active by the time the event starts; if not, I encourage you, intrepid reader, to check Andriasang for further details.

Word is that the even will focus on the 3DS's impending firmware update, as well as offering fresh details about the upcoming Mario Kart 7. I'm particularly interested in the former, partly because as a 3DS owner, I'm terribly interested in the core features, evolving as they may be, of Nintendo's handheld Skynet. Mainly, it's because word is that the upcoming update will enable 3D video recording, and being that at my core, I am a tired old man waiting for death's icy embrace to free me from the endless cycle of monotony, i pass the time before said embrace by taking 3D pictures (and soon 3D video) of my cat -- trying desperately to find even the faintest flicker of what more socially-adjusted people call "joy" in such frivolous pursuits. With the recent revelation that such functionality should be available with the November firmware update, allowing users to record up to ten minutes of 3D video, I for one am planning to use it toward rather obnoxious ends - because if there's one thing that can be said about the internet, it's that it certainly isn't already over-saturated with videos of everyone's g** d**mn cats.

I'm a helper.


ironmouse said:

yay for 3D cats :p I'm guilty of this too hehe
Soon the interwebs will be awash with 3D videos of cats!!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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ironmouse on Nintendo 3DS Event Happening Oct. 21st: yay for 3D cats :p I'm guilty of this too hehe Soon the interwebs will be awash with 3D videos...

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