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NYCC '11: Capcom's Booth


I had a booth tour with Capcom at New York Comic Con this year, but having just attended a press day earlier this summer, I'd already seen and played most of what they had on display at the Javits Center. However, there were two games that I watched someone else play that I'd wanted to get my hands on, so I was finally able to do that.

First up was Dragon's Dogma, which I already knew was very, very pretty. I just wondered how it played. There were actually two demos to choose from. The first was the scene that I had scene played, which pits you and your allies against a giant griffon. Actually playing was a whole other experience. Harder to appreciate the beautifully detailed graphics while you're trying not to get killed! The battle was a little chaotic, and because it's a demo, you're not familiar with the controls, so switching between melee and projectile weapons was a little awkward. The second demo had you exploring the depths of some caves on the hunt for a giant dragon. The dragon made a brief appearance, looking utterly gorgeous, but your final battle was actually against a chimera. Dragon's Dogma is an action RPG, so you're kind of just alternating between heavy and light attacks as you move around. On the plus side, the AI for your allies is pretty good. The magician cast a healing spell when I was getting low, and it just took me a little while to realize that you have to stand still in the area the spell was cast in so that your health continues to go up. It's hard from a demo to get a sense of the strategy of choosing the right teammates for a mission or the storyline, but it's looking pretty solid to my eyes. The only real complaint that I had was the fact that occasionally during a battle, the action would slow down and the camera would switch to one of your allies as they cast a spell or did something else. Because of the slow-motion, it's not like you're being attacked while the camera isn't on your character, but it was still kind of distracting and pulled me out of the battles. That, I didn't care for. But everything else was pretty cool!


Then I got to play Asura's Wrath, which was already pretty entertaining to watch someone else play because of how completely and utterly BSC it is. I mean, how else can you describe a game that is a fusion of Japanese mythology and sci-fi where your character knocks a giant into space where it somehow grows even larger than the Earth and then pushes his enormous finger down through the atmosphere to crush you? It's nuts. The only problem is that without seeing the other levels, it's hard to judge the gameplay. There's no exploration in the demo I played, just basically a couple of shooter bits with QTEs all around. I mean, it's still fun because of how wild the visuals are, but hopefully there's more than just button mashing in the final game. (Although honestly, that would still be pretty fun.)


Gamescook said:

TOTALLY thought that second screen was of a human-like Reaper from Mass Effect before reading the article title!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Gamescook on NYCC '11: Capcom's Booth: TOTALLY thought that second screen was of a human-like Reaper from Mass Effect before reading the article title!...

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