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Skyrim Collector's Edition Is Pretty Epic


I somehow missed the announcement of the Collector's Edition of Skyrim back when Bethesda made it, but the teaser images they just released of some pages from the art book certainly got my attention.

I honestly have no use for the 12" tall PVC Alduin: The World Eater statue, as cool as it is, but the making-of DVD might be intriguing to take a peek at, and the coffee table art book looks just gorgeous. And this is the kind of game you really want to have an art book of, because you'll see sketches and development of locations you may not have stumbled across in-game, so you can go off and look for it!

Unfortunately, the Collector's Edition is going for $149.99 US, and that's a little steep for my blood. Although checking and to see if the limited run product was still available for pre-order (it is), it seems that pre-ordering the game at either of these outlets will get you the map as a free bonus. So that's good, because the map would be the most helpful item to have!



MikeB said:

$150!! Maybe for $100, and that's if I didn't already preorder SWTOR.

Still out of everything Skyrim related I can't wait to get my sweaty hands all over the Creation Kit for Skyrim. The mod editor for Oblivion occupied my spare hours for months.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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MikeB on Skyrim Collector's Edition Is Pretty Epic: $150!! Maybe for $100, and that's if I didn't already preorder SWTOR. Still out of everything Skyrim related I can't...

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