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VVVVVV Getting Dimensions Flipped On 3DS

vvvvvv3dss.jpgTerry Cavanagh had a lot riding on his latest creation, VVVVVV, and it was a pretty wild ride. The ups and downs of making a successful indie game have been chronicled before, but one of the ups is seeing your work appear on much bigger platforms. That's the case for Cavanagh, who just announced that his gravity-flipping retro game will be played soon on the 3DS.

Cavanagh is one of many developers at Indiecade this year, showing off his latest work, At A Distance. He may have a playable build of this 3DS port as well, if his photos are any indication!

He's working with publisher Nicalis to put out the downloadable version of VVVVVV. Nicalis are the same folks who completed the full graphic overhaul for Cave Story, to be released later this year. Between these titles and the recent Bit.Trip Saga, it seems the 3DS is becoming a haven for Western indie devs to get their goods past the usual PC-only audience. Whether Nintendo is courting these parties or whether it's just arising from the success of these titles, here's hoping we see more of them on modern systems.

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