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Waluigi In Super Smash Bros Brawl, Courtesy Of Your Local HaX0r

Hackers: They steal data, bring ruin upon companies, and most importantly -- this is the bombshell in my trifecta of utter propaganda truth -- they fund terrorism. Much like the stoner, whose devilish and antisocial behavior helped to bring down the Twin Towers and provide intelligence to the legion foes that wishes to destroy the land of our forefathers, they are an ever-present, insidious menace to American Democracy. However, unlike the stoner, whose sedentary existence makes him little more than a dormant threat (and, it must be noted, provides valuable employment to the food service industry), hackers are a universally loathsome lot - striking with invisible implements, usurping our data, and of course, kicking puppies until they can be kicked no more.

When not involved in such poisonous tomfoolery, the hacker likes to amuse himself with more frivolous flights of fancy. For the purposes of this article, said fancy involves a little game called Super Smash Bros Brawl.

*End 50's voice*

For those who hold a more balanced perspective, the modding community has a knack for coming up with some rather cool goodies. The above video features Waluigi - as those who haven't played Brawl have probably surmised, he was not in the original game - in a video uploaded by YouTube user DataDrain02 who, on a related note, has additional Brawl mods on his YouTube page. Mr. Drain02 (if that is his real name) explained shared a few words with a commenter, who had inquired as to how this sorcery came about:

Okay, the model is Brawl's own Waluigi model. After that, MarioKing spent a LONG time animating the model... Snoopy, and Eternal Yoshi fixed the glitches in the model, the PSA, with this hit box. And finally, KingJigglypuff made the PSA, under MarioKing's supervision, and my beta testing as well... Both me and MarioKing tested this out for quite some time, until it was ready for the first release...

So there you go: With the power of modern machinery and the indomitable nature of the human spirit, mankind has conquered not only nature, space, and the mystery of the human genome, but Super Smash Bros Brawl.


via Joystiq

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