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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Lots of doin's this week in Narnia! As you can see, Winnie has decided she doesn't like being a horse and wants to turn into an entirely different kind of creature. Good luck with that, Winnie!

There's lots of other silliness and more drama involving our newest resident equine after the jump!


When Curly told me he was thinking about leaving, I immediately shut that noise down on the quickfast. He's tried leaving before and I keep talking him out of it. One of these days it's not going to work, but at least this day my tears did the trick! (Pigs are so gullible!)


I totally forgot that it was a holiday this week, because unlike lots of other people, I still had to go to work. But it was Colum —: er, Explorer's Day. And Tortimer handed out a model ship. Again. I appreciate the effort, but maybe a little something different each year?


I had to play doctor this week when I stopped into Winnie's house and saw that she was under the weather. I picked up some medicine at Nook's and passed it along. She was simply too ill to go out for the medicine herself. Naturally, it tastes awful. And while I can't say as I've actually tasted felt tip marker, I can imagine it, and it's not good. Of course, I have to wonder how Winnie knows what felt tip markers taste like. Maybe that's how she got sick in the first place?


Lolly also tried to pull up stakes this week. I asked her to stay, and she seemed to sound like she would consider it, but I'm actually not 100% convinced she'll stick around. By the end of the week, she still hadn't left, but watch her take off on Saturday, with my luck!


I love when the trees turn colors for the fall. It's so pretty. They're not all changed yet... some are still green. But the fall colors are starting to come through! Love fall! (And if it hadn't been so dark already when I tried to take this photo, you'd see just how pretty they looked!)


After a couple of doses of medicine, Winnie started to feel better. Oddly, though, I stopped in a third day and she said she thought she was coming down with something. Which is weird, because it's like she had her cold in reverse. But on the fourth day, I checked in on her again and this time she told me she was feeling much better and to thank me for giving her the medicine, she gave me a trunk measure. Which is probably one of the most useless gifts you could give. Honestly. What about a gyroid? Or a T-shirt? I could use a new outfit.


When Derwin wanted to play hide and seek, I couldn't turn him down. He's one of my cool friends. But I had no idea that when he roped in another couple people to play, he would pick Violet. I've been doing my best to ignore her so she'd move away, but she won't. And now I'm afraid that playing hide and go seek with her is going to make her think I like her. Which I don't. But girls are always getting the wrong impression. That's why I don't date them!


Luis said:

hi, I love your Animal Crossing diary.
I should play more often my AnimalCrossing, It's been months since I don't play it.
I just discover your web page and it's very interesting, I like it very much.

I'm very sorry for my spelling, I'm from Mexico so I don't practice my english very often.

bye! and congrats for your webpage.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Luis on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: hi, I love your Animal Crossing diary. I should play more often my AnimalCrossing, It's been months since I don't...

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