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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Thankfully, this was a slightly quieter week in Narnia than the last one. There's still some silliness, and then there was an event that made me realize that I'm actually kind of a horrible, selfish person. Oops!


Okay, I get that my mom is kind of weird. I mean, it's weird to send your husband to bed without any supper because you had a fight, right? He is an adult, after all. At least, he was the last time I looked! But you know what? That wasn't even the weirdest thing about this letter I got from Mom this week. No, included with the letter was an elegant mushroom. Why? Was that Dad's dinner that she didn't let him eat?


When Curly told me that Winnie and Peanut were spending a lot of time together and he suspected them of scheming, I was thinking they were up to some nefarious plot like dethroning Tortimer and taking over Narnia themselves. No, turns out Curly just thought they were making a race car that runs on shortcake. Yes, shortcake. How did he know for sure? He said he could smell the fumes. Actually, that's a car I think I would really enjoy driving! (If I could be sure the fuel would actually make it past me and into the car!)


And this is the part where I feel like a terrible person. I walk out of my house and see that I have a letter in my mailbox. Eager, I open it up and take the envelope out. And upon opening it up and reading this missive, my first thought? "Who the hell is Lolly?"

Seriously, I couldn't even picture her. I had to actually think about it before I remembered that she was the little gray cat that moved in relatively recently. Oh well. I guess I won't really miss her since apparently, I barely knew she was living here!


Yes, Winnie, it's evening. What gave it away? Was it ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY?

See? A horrible person! Sigh...


AyeHaley said:

Keep posting! I love AC and this series!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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