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2011 MMO Games Market Report Ready For Release


The state of the MMO Union Newzoo is set to release their 2011 MMO Games Market Report next week, overflowing with interesting tidbits about players and the state of the online industry. For those that don't know, Newzoo is a major market research firm that delights in video games almost as much as, if not more than, the players.

Major highlights from the report include a massive growth in free-to-play MMOs, surging to 47% of the MMO spending in the U.S., 53% in Europe, 51% in Asia, and a staggering 59% in emerging video game markets. We're talking over a billion dollars in each market, guys. But, spending is spread around amongst more games than it has been in the past, causing analysts to predict that we'll see many MMOs bite the dust as 2012 becomes a year of consolidation.

"The MMO games market is rapidly turning global. It has become increasingly important for MMO developers and publishers think carefully about which titles to publish in what  territories and how to adapt the games according to local preferences, including monetization models that work best. Recent lay-offs and the sudden death of Lego Universe are serious warnings for the MMO games industry. Success will also strongly depend on how MMO companies extend their unique gameplay and IP across other game platforms, specifically mobile..." said Peter Warman, CEO of games market research firm Newzoo and co-author of the  2011 MMO Games Market Report.

Other interesting facts from the report, which can be found on their website starting on November 15th, include:

- Americans spend 26M hours per day in total playing MMO games.
- In 2011, total consumer spend on MMO games in the U.S. will grow 3% compared to 2010, from $2.5 billion to $2.6 billon.
-Different games dominate different regions. League of Legends (obviously) wins out in the U.S., while World of Tanks trounces competition in Europe and Shaiya leads the Latin American market.
- 84% of U.S. MMO gamers plays browser-based MMOs. Almost half of these consumers also play client-based MMOs.
- 37% of F2P and 35% of P2P MMO gamers prefer Sci-Fi/Space themed MMO games.


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