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Audio File Friday 'Dirty Knobs'

audiofilefriday dirty knobs.png

Short version: Stop reading and go grab this album. Your gamer cred depends on it.

Long version: Greetings Audiophiles!

As you might recall, October was Metal Month and that meant four straight weeks of head bashing and guitar wailing. I don't know about you guys, but as an outsider in the metal world I am exhausted. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff but after four weeks straight I'm just plain tired. The genre is so high energy and the more epic the songs get the more exhausted I become.

With that in mind I thought that this week would be a good time to take a breather, maybe even a nap. Just something to help ease down and relax with. Ambient trance seems like a good genre for that.

Why don't we give this ambient Portal trance courtesy of Dirty Knobs a try?

I usually play the week's featured artist in the background while I write, and today it just so happened to be raining and I had just eaten a little bit and it all added up to me passing out on my keyboard.

Yeah...I fell asleep.

Not in a bad way, mind you; relaxation is the exact result I had hoped for with Dirty Knobs, and relaxation is what I got. Hopefully you'll get the same.


Dirty Knobs, also known as Zac Bentz, also known as Xero Music, is a Duluth, Minnesota native who specializes in long form ambient trance. When I say long form I mean long form. We're talking albums lasting up to eight hours in length, here. lasting eight hours? sounds like a dream date tbqh One particular album, Field Recordings From The Edge Of Hell, is over 1 gig in size with each track ranging in length from twenty to fifty minutes and is, without a doubt, worth all of that hard drive space.

My personal favorite? Track Eight: Beneath The Endless Ocean.

All of Dirty Knobs' work has a mix of calming ambiance with a raw and rough taste of industrial edge, and enough experimentation to help him stand out from the crowd. His work would be right at home in both a downtown yoga class and as the score of a post apocalyptic sci-fi film. Or even a video game...BOOM SEGUE

It just so happens that one of his most recent projects actually uses video game music as a starting point. Portal music to be specific. Titled Dream With Portals, the six track album clocks in just around three hours and is outstanding.

The top notch original Portal soundtrack is already mind-blowing, not to mention completely free, so to even attempt to remix any of it is a ballsy feat. Thankfully we're in good balls hands with each of Dirty Knobs' remixes, where he's taken a collection of Portal tracks and stretched them out into dreamy haunting landscapes you can't help but get lost in.

Ambient trance is, after all, all about losing oneself in the music, rather than trying to follow chord progressions or melodies. It's like the ultimate background music, only it commands your attention and full self in a way that really gets under your skin. It's probably one of the hardest genres to describe, only because it's so aptly titled.

The final track on the album, Goodbye, My Monster, can't be described as anything other than a complete eargasm. If you never get relaxing rainfall where you live, this track will more than make up for it. And with each track landing somewhere around the half hour mark, you've got the perfect space-out music the next time you need a quick lunch-hour meditation session to get you through the day.

So if you have the itch to zone out, this is the album for you. You can buy it, and name your own price no less (limited number of free albums mind you) via the official Zac Bentz bandcamp. You can browse around the rest of Dirty Knobs' musical offerings there, the official Xero Music Website, as well as his soundcloud. And this is all just the tip of the iceberg; there's even more soothing experimental trance to be had.

Of course you know the drill, follow the guy on twitter, both as Zac Bentz and Dirty Knobs, and make sure he gets some social media lovin'.

That about wraps it up for this week. Go meditate or take a nap or get high or something with Dirty Knobs, and once you're all relaxed I'll catch you right back here next week.


Going back to my Portal-dream filled nap Dreaming of false cakes tbqh.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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