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Friday Frivolity: Fun With Baskets in Skyrim

As anyone with even the faintest interest in video games should know, Skyrim is now available to be traversed by those intrepid enough to behold its glory. Yet defying all odds, this fact escaped me - something that i chalk up to the haze of writing, Red Bull, cigarette smoke, and the cacophony of inane questions to which one is subject in what could be charitably described as "retail purgatory." I was awoken from my Skyrim-less fugue only after a friend of mine called me earlier today; after a brief conversation, he bid me farewell with the words "It's been good knowing you, buddy. Just thought I'd say that, since we probably aren't going to see each other for a long time." I feared that he was planning to commit suicide, but said friend clarified by noting that Skyrim had just been released, and that he would most likely spend the duration of the winter immersed in a world of adventure, dragons, and with the passing of each month, the consequences of neglecting his own personal hygiene.

But against the backdrop of Skyrim's lush landscapes, claustrophobic caverns, fearsome beasts, epic quests, and a compelling stories, there is one element that often goes unnoticed: baskets, and the manipulation thereof. Thankfully, YouTube user "zwoooooosh" has sought to right this wrong, with a video called "Dovakiin's Day Off." Providing two minutes of basket-centric action, it's nothing if not cute, funny, and dare I say, altogether frivolous.



AladinSane said:

I lol'd in my

Alex said:

ha, that was pretty good. I'll have to figure out how to do such things on the PC. I think each time i hit e it just takes things, maybe if i hold it...

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Alex on Friday Frivolity: Fun With Baskets in Skyrim: ha, that was pretty good. I'll have to figure out how to do such things on the PC. I think...

AladinSane on Friday Frivolity: Fun With Baskets in Skyrim: I lol'd in my

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