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Friday Frivolity: The Dark Underbelly Of Video Game Reviews

As you peruse the comments section of any video game review, there's bound to be some criticism of the writer's opinion. It seems like a relatively minor thing, but as anyone who has traversed the internet knows, said opinions can cast their dark shadow over the reviewer's subsequent work, manifesting in reader blurbs like "yeah, this is the guy who *game title* a *numerical score*, and gave *other game title* a *other numerical score*" - and that's not entirely fair. Such is the premise of "Modern Game Journalism: The Movie: The Trailer," a two and a half minute tale of hubris, intrigue, betrayal, and... murder??? Created by Mega64, whose work I came to know through their live-action homage to the Metal Gear Solid series, the video satirizes the sometimes hysterical reactions that video game reviews inspire.

Personally, I don't tend to get terribly hung up on reviews. While it's helpful to have some sort of consensus about game quality, so as to prevent the frittering away of one's riches - though as VG247's Brenna Hiller noted some months ago, video game journalism isn't immune from corruption, even passively - they're by no means a solid indicator as to whether you will like a game. I thoroughly enjoyed Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, despite it's rather lukewarm reception by the media at large - Wootini's review, as well as Classic Game Room HD's rundown, enticed me to open my wallet (and my little boy heart) to it's simple splendor. Conversely, I didn't particularly care for Final Fantasy XII, which received far more generous praise. Thus, when considering a game purchase, I tend to heed the advice of a a few reviewers whose taste mirror my own.

Digression aside, enjoy the video, as well as the rest of the night, and may your Fridays be fun, fanciful flights through the flowering fields of frivolity.

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