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"Half-Life: Origins" Brings More Fan-Made Loveliness To YouTube

As some of you may have noticed, there's been a slew of impressive video game-inspired fan videos. Part of this probably has to do with less expensive, higher-quality equipment; another may be owed to the fact that as gaming becomes a more broadly-accessible pastime, interest in gaming-related media becomes less of a "nerd" tribute, thus making such an endeavor more worthwhile from the standpoint of exposure. The reality is, as always, far more sinister. Anyone with the wits god gave a rhubarb stalk knows that global power controlled by a cadre of wealthy power brokers - the CIA gave us the term "Illuminati" in order to discredit real truthseekers - who are the ones that start the wars, appoint "elected" officials in the farce that we call "democracy," and manipulate markets to serve their sinister interests.

However this racket requires funds, and those funds must be concealed from the general public - think money laundering - which brings us to a video called "Half-Life: Origins." Created (allegedly) by Infectious Designer, the same folk behind the short film "Beyond Black Mesa," it's a short, but sweet affair. Aside from Origins's lovely depiction of the "microwave incident" from Half-Life (much to my glee) and finding someone that bears a decent resemblance to Dr. Freeman, I'm particularly fond of the art style, much to do with the fact that the CG imagery isn't exactly Hollywood standard. Whether the visual nuances were intended or not is a question for the creators, but it does the whole thing a sort of surreal vibe; at times, it almost seems as though the actors are walking through a video game.

So until the New World Order bring about global enslavement, and we discover that President Obama's "bi-racial" makeup if not black/white, but human/reptiloid, enjoy the video. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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