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Save With The Saints Row Season Pass


Saints Row: The Third is coming out next week, but THQ has a whole slate of DLC releases planned and would like to help you save a little money with the Saints Row Season Pass. This will include three upcoming DLC Mission Packs as well as the Nyte Blayde DLC Pack.

The three packs will be Genkibowl VII (scheduled for January 2012), where the Wide World of Genki takes over Steelport for some crazy sporting tradition, Gangstas in Space (scheduled for Winter 2012) which sends the Saints into a sci-fi misadventure, and The Trouble With Clones (scheduled for Spring 2012) which is all about copy-cat killing.

The Nyte Blayde DLC Pack (love the spelling) will include everything you see pictured above: the Nyte Blade Mobile, the Blody Canoness Outfit, the Bloody Canoness Bike, and for the dudes, an Altar Boy Outfit.

If you're going to get all that DLC anyway, you might as well save over 15% by getting the Season Pass for $19.99. I know I did the same thing with the LA Noire DLC pass, and it was totally worth it because I knew I wanted all the DLC cases.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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