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MGS 3: Snake Eater 3D Gets A Japanese Release Date


Like a sadistic, schoolyard bully, The Land of the Rising Sun sees fit to dangle the loveliness of MGS over my head, taunting me with hurtful words like "you want this, huh, you wuss?" and eventually leaving me to wade through a sea of my own tears to the principal's office (i.e., the internet) to air my grievances.

Indeed, wayward travelers of the information superhighway, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D is being released March 8th... in Japan. No dates have been announced for other territories, but one would suspect they're not going to be terribly far behind. Previews have been mixed bag: The prevailing sentiment is that while Snake Eater 3D boasts some handsome visuals, the 3DS controls can be rather irksome. While the touchscreen is well utilized, offering quick access to inventory and weapons, the lack of a second analog nub necessitates the mapping of camera controls to the face buttons. Having played Portable Ops and Peace Walker on the PSP, I'm rather used to the control scheme; still, for those who are used to the DualShock layout, there's grumbling to be had. Thankfully (in a sense), Nintendo's solution to this problem, a peripheral that NaviFairy aptly described as "an unsightly tumor" for your 3DS, should give some relief to those who simply can't stand the PSP/3DS-style controls - or you could just wait for a redesign.

Ignoring my angst over Japan's policy of "releasing games in their own country first, rather than in North America you inconsiderate jerks," I'm quite excited for Snake Eater 3D. One might raise the objection that this is simply milking another old title - making a cheap buck off poor saps who slavishly pick up *name of game you already own* so long as it has the words "in 3D" slapped on the end - but aside from the fact that MGS3 was an all-around fantastic game, the thought of entering the third dimension does appeal to me. Being a stealth action fiend, the first game I picked up for my 3DS was Splinter Cell, and defying all expectations, I actually enjoyed the effect - in fact, I preferred playing with the slider cranked to the max - and found that it added an element of immersion that seemed lost upon going back into 2D mode. Hopefully Snake Eater 3D will follow suit; if not, I'll be content to simply enjoy the fun of MGS3 on the go, as well as the mandatory sobbing fit that comes with learning the truth about the Boss.

Yeah, I shed a tear or two - don't judge me.

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