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Square-Enix Announces Three Classic RPGs For PSN


Here in Minnesota, we're known for roughly four things. One of those is being a tremendously forgettable state, the existence of which creeps back into the collective consciousness only via collapsing bridges, a bats**t insane bag lady presidential candidate, or everyone's favorite, a Minnesotan writer desperately seeking some recognition for said forgettable state. The remaining three things consist of "winter," "more winter," and "Jesus Christ, still more winter." It's unreasonably cold here, and thus we tend to play a good deal of video games during the colder months, rather than tread the barren, frost-eaten hellscape that is the visual equivalent of a Norwegian Black Metal album.

Still, the economy is rather dismal, and games are expensive, so one must be economical about these things. Shooters and terribly short, and I'm rarely in the mood for puzzle games, so RPGs are ideal for the occasion. They're involving, story-driven, and most importantly, they're ridiculously long. Thus Square-Enix has some good news, in the form of three classic RPGs to be released on PSN during November and December.

First off we have Chrono Cross (which sadly, I have never played), coming out next week on November 8th. Arriving November 22 is Final Fantasy V, putting you in the shoes of Bartz as he battles the fiendish Exdeath. Lastly we have Final Fantasy VI, considered by many to be the best in the series, on December 6th. As the PlayStation Blog notes, "This one made it all to #9 on IGN's top 100 games of all time back in 2007. And in 2009, Game Informer went one better and named it #8, while G4TV named it #1 in their 'Top 5 Must-Own RPGs.'"

Luckily I have a PSP, and as it happens, am a fervent enthusiasts of these turn-based lovelies; thus I'm on board. So until I draw my dying breath upon the snowy plains of Minnesota - my weary soul wrapped infinity's embrace beneath a starlit sky - at least i'll have classic RPG goodness to keep me warm.

via PlayStation Blog


scooter said:

Final Fantasy V Advance is an amazing game. I worry that this will be the Playstation translation found in the Final Fantasy Complete (or was it Anthology) release, which was...subpar, to put it nicely.

Kenny said:

Chrono Cross, though humiliating tied to the chrono trigger series through scant vague references and a piteous interlude of 'past heroes' somewhere in it's own land of apocalypse, is still good in it's own right. The musical score is lively and often moving.. Dunno how well that would play out on a PSP though. WHY oh WHY don't they do a Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross dual release? It's always been a hash of Final Fantasy games and other crap. I'm one to lap up anything of the Chrono variety.

SecretMoblin said:

I'll probably rebuy Chrono Cross, even though I didn't particularly care for its mechanics or story. The graphics and the music make the game worthwhile, as bizarre as that may sound.

The PSX releases of FFV and FFVI should be passed over by anyone with access to another version. The Virtual Console emulation and GBA port of FFVI were vastly superior, and FFV on PSX was a major disappointment. If Square Enix were smart - and that's admittedly an open question - they would bring the two GBA games to the 3DS eShop.

And needless to say, anyone with a DS or a Wii should get Chrono Trigger. It's still a magnificent game.

Gamescook said:

Was there anything wrong with the PS1 version of Final Fantasy V?

Be sure to avoid the PS1 version of VI though, unlike V, VI had stupid-long load times on the Playstation. -IF- you happen to have a Wii, get VI there. The translation is nearly identical (just some items names are different, really) and you get the Virtual Console benefit of instant save states in case you need to put the game down immediately and come back some other day to pick up exactly where you left off.

Keith said:

The GBA releases of these Final Fantasy titles are vastly superior to the PS1 releases which I am almost certain these are ported over from. They have better translations and added content in the form of bonus dungeons and, in the case of FFV, added character classes. If you have access to a GBA, those are definitely the ones to play. That said, these games are fun in all the forms in which they have so far been released.

But while I loved Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross just did not appeal to me. The battle system was strange and esoteric and I found the story hard to follow and even harder to care about. Why it got such high reviews and garnered such a devoted fanbase I do not know. Still, it's good to see that Square Enix hasn't forgotten the series completely. Maybe if these re-releases do well, they will consider working on a new entry.

ZelGreywards said:

There was a LOT wrong with the PSX version of Final Fantasy V. The writing was terrible and they gave Faris a really bad pirate-speak accent. Many names were strangely changed/shortened/stupid such as the Wyvern boss being named "Y-Burn" and the Inter-dimensional Rift being called the "N-Zone."

Rosa said:

Is there any confirmation which translations these will use? I'm a huge nut about accurate/well-done translations (anything by Alexander O. Smith is a wonderland) and the FFV translation for PSX was frankly appalling. I gave up when I got to "Princess Salsa." Really? You got Salsa out of SaRiSa? When it's supposed to sound like [spoilers]?

I've actually had a hankering to replay FFV, but not with this translation. FFVI, as well, will probably be using the much beloved, objectively crappy SNES translation, which I have ALMOST equal amounts of disdain for.

Sigh :(

Gamescook said:

They aren't going to be mixing and matching translations or features here. We get the PS1 version or we get jack, simple as that.

Sad though that the Advance versions are all plagued with slowdown (on a cartridge TOSE? Really?). There also aren't any solid plans for remaking V and VI beyond a vague statement from Square-Enix saying basically that they tried to make them work on DS but failed due to "technical reasons".

Anthony said:

Honestly, FFVI was my first RPG and is my favorite video game of all time. The musical score was superb. Each character had a unique and different background. The battle system was classic for Final Fantasy and the story was compelling. I do prefer the original SNES port of the game, however. Translating "Tonic" to "Potion" disappointed me and I just cannot live without Kefka's howling laugh~

I really did enjoy FFV. It was an excellent way to explore the classic "Job" system that was revamped in FFXIII. The graphics and score were not the greatest, but the game is really worth a full playthrough.

As for Chrono Cross, it is dull in comparison to the storyline of Chrono Trigger. Alas, most sequels tend to be duds. Don't let me discredit the game, however. I really enjoyed Chrono Cross and its soundtrack is beautiful. I just with they had tied it in a little more to the original story of Chrono Trigger. I suggest you play it at least once!

Surprisingly, all three of these games have two alternate universes. Coincidence? I think not!

SuperSwede said:


The Playstation Blog offered no details as to what version each FF game would be, though given that it's being released on PSN, I'm guessing it will be the FF Anthology/PSOne versions.

Azuremage said:

Finally Chrono Cross gets released on PSN! I've been waiting for this since ps1 classics started getting released. Not only was it perhaps the greatest rpg ever released on playstation (only 1 of a few games to ever receive a 10 from gamespot), but it's music and story are something that you can't really duplicate these days.

Since everyone seems to think FFVI is so good I may have to try it out!

Shin Gallon said:

FFVI is the best of that series, aside from maybe VIII. If I didn't already own 4 copies of it on various systems I'd be tempted to get it on PSN.
Chrono Cross remains one of the most criminally underappreciated games from the glory days of Squaresoft (before the Enix merger ushered in the dark age they inhabit now). It's a fabulous game, with great music, engrossing and heartbreaking story, and thankfully it's not just Chrono Trigger in 3D (I always thought Square did the right thing by not just re-hashing CT). That might just be worthy of my money a second time.

Gamescook said:

Oh, yeah. It's like the Square of the late 90's, early 00's would release a blockbuster like Final Fantasies VII, VIII, IX, or X, and in between they would take several watercolor "artsy-fartsy breaks". Lower budget projects with unusual systems and art styles such as Legend of Mana, SaGa Frontiers 1 & 2, Threads of Fate, Unlimited Saga.

Chrono Cross probably stands as an oddball hybridization of the two approaches, with its 'down the rabbit hole' story, vibrant visuals, unusual characters, highly unorthodox battle system, and bigger budget. We still haven't seen Masato Kato and that team given free reign like that since on console or handheld, and given their experience gained from Cross, that's a real shame.

tropicofanatic said:

I'm not a big fan of Chrono Cross. I really hated the combat system, and I just didn't bond with the characters like I did in Chronotrigger. Nonetheless, it is worth playing through if you're an RPG fan. I just don't understand why Square would not do some sequels for some of their best franchises? Meanwhile, they continue to pump out casual gaming crap like Final Fantasy 14 or whatever the hell number it's up to now.

Final Fantasy 6 was EPIC. You have an intriguing story that is split into two halves. The second half was UNREAL. You had so many hidden quests and side missions. The characters were fantastic. The graphics were and still are beautiful in their 16 bit glory. Final Fantasy 6 is like the War and Peace of RPGs.

Robbie said:

Oh sadness. I live in Minnesota, and it's totally not THAT forgettable or THAT cold - you didn't mention the season about road construction, which coincides with summer (a season that yes, we do have) and plus now that Kim Kardashian's marriage went haywire over the idea of relocating to MN we totally have doubled or maybe tripled our exposure! Also, I know a few neighboring states that think of Minneapolis as 'the big city', so we can't be all that bad ;)

In regards to the video games on PSN, yay. I am one of those people who tends to 'trigger' other gamers simply because I have enjoyed most anything that SE has released. I tend to look for the silver lining I guess :) Maybe that's why I'm still playing FFXIV and look forward to playing it for years to come.


SuperSwede said:

I adore my home state -- despite my many attempts to escape it, Minnesota remains my favorite -- though i think Lewis Black put it best on his stop here in the frosty north: "i'm not surprised people came to Minnesota... i'm just surprised they stayed."

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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