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"Dark Meadow" iOS Game Gets A Price Drop (Trailer)

If there's one thing iThing owners have been craving from their device (don't you contradict me), it's horror. The horror not only of having a pint-sized Skynet, but the visceral terror that only video games can bring. Enter Dark Meadow: A game that, while not exactly reaching the "cacophonous wails of the terror-stricken mind" caliber of survival horror, does offer those in Team iOS the chance to turn off the lights, curl up on the couch, and battle spooky things into the night. Originally priced at $6.99, the game has received a rather nice price drop to $0.99 which, according to will last until November 27th, as part of that which Black Friday hath wrought upon on the App Store. Those interested should check out the trailer above; it does look rather intriguing, especially given the platform. Visuals are well-realized (looking most beautiful with the Unreal 3 engine) and detailed, the music is haunting, and your main adversary appears to be a creepy girl-thing that looks like the doomspawn of Mechanical Animals-era Marilyn Manson and a wind sprite.

As a closing note, Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys and gals who have been kind enough to read the site. We appreciate it more than you know; one might, at the risk of sounding cheesy, add it to the list of things we're thankful for. It's a time for family, food, and if said family is all hip and modern, a few few bouts of Wii Tennis before falling into a Tryptophan coma. Then comes Black Friday: Part shopping spree, part fodder for Al-Qaida recruitment videos - people trampling each other for a $50 Blu-Ray player will be nestled nicely between the Israeli flag and a still shot of two men kissing - the day after Thanksgiving provides and opportunity for all the boys and girls of Gaia to scoop up some cheap, and often cheaply made, goodies that would otherwise be out of their budgets. For those of us in the retail sector, it is the bane of our existence. Close friends of mine have heard of my intention to seize power in a bloodless coup which, doomed by a lack of patience in the political process, will end with the abolition of democracy in favor of a fascist dictatorship based on whim, 90's references, and inside jokes. So until Baron Von RipplePecs (my future title) renders Black Friday illegal, enjoy the bargains.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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