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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Fall is in full swing in Narnia, with most of the trees turning a lovely red and gold. There was some of the usual oddness, but I think I might have met my new BFF!


I was surprised when Winnie said she wanted to move out like, a week after moving in, but whatever. I suggested she should stick around, but I guess my sales pitch needs some work because she still took off. Oh well. Turns out once her replacement arrived, I didn't mind anymore. Spoiler alert!


Looks like Tommy Nook finally got around to remodeling his shop back into Nook 'n 'Go. Now he won't close as early, but he also won't stock as much merch. Not that I mind, since I pretty much have everything I need by now. And besides, I'm sticking with this golden furniture for the time being. Of course, a couple days later, Peanut complained to me that she was jealous of Xanth because they had their own department store. Well, why don't you move there, then, you ungrateful little squirrel? I mean, we used to have a department store and I never saw you in there. So suck it.


Okay... Sahara was always a little weird, but I got seriously creeped out when I saw the traveling carpet merchant doing her best Blair Witch impression. Brrrr!


This is why I didn't mind that Winnie moved away. I barely got a chance to know her, but I instantly fell in love with Anabelle. She's so delightfully ditzy. After introducing herself, she declared that she was going to make this town love her. You don't have to try very hard, sweetie. You already won me over!


And because I became so immediately attached to Anabelle, I actually went and found her missing key for her so she could get back into her house. Sometimes I can't be bothered, and other times I give up if I can't find it right away. But for Anabelle? I made sure she was as happy as possible. I will not have her suddenly deciding to move immediately after arriving in Narnia!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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