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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Thought I'd start you off this week with a little "wisdom" from Pascal instead of waiting until the end. Although while this was the weirdness that started the week, the rest of it was actually relatively sedate... for Narnia, that is!


They were a gossipy bunch this week. Like Cyrano here talking about Rob from Xanth being a fishing fiend or something. I don't know. I forget who he heard it from, but I'm sure it was a totally unreliable source. I know Rob. And I don't think he's been fishing in months!


And once again, someone who has only just recently moved in told me they wanted to move out. Maybe it's all the gossiping? I asked Bettina to stay, and she literally burst into tears that I cared so much. I mean, I don't care that much, but don't tell her that. I just hate that new people move into town and then move out before I can get a chance to know them. Meanwhile? Violet? Still here. Seriously.


And then Anabelle, who is pretty much my new favorite right now, decides that she desperately needs a long locust for a photo op. Never mind how that's kind of creepy and gross... how am I going to find one? My job keeps me so busy all day that I can never visit Narnia until the evenings, and there's no locusts at that point. Hopefully I can find one over the weekend before she changes her mind and decides she doesn't want one anymore. Because I want her to be happy so she'll stay. (If it was Violet, I wouldn't even bother finding one. Actually, if it was Violet, I wouldn't even know she wanted one because I wouldn't even have talked to her in the first place so she could tell me!)


This is what Peanut had to say when I chatted her up right outside the Able sisters' store. What, was she peering in the windows? That's just wrong. Mind your own damn business, Peanut!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go home and make sure my blinds are down!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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