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Audio File Friday Bonus Track 'Lana Del Rey'


But wait! This week's Audio File Friday isn't over yet!

These days its not just hardcore gamers making music that gamers will want to listen to, mainstream artists are dipping their feet in as well. Remember the Kid Cudi track Capcom? With those tracks in mind, Audio File Friday Bonus Track is born.

For our first Bonus Track ever I'll be taking a look at an incredible up and comer that you should all take note of, trust me she's going to be huge. Introducing the gorgeous and immensely talented Lana Del Rey.

The New York born singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has been making a name for herself as she prepares for the release of her first album early next year. She names Kurt Cobain, Thomas Newman, and the flawless better than your faves Bruce Springsteen as influences on her work, and it shows.

Ms. Rey has a new track that has been taking the internet by storm, Pitchfork Media calling it the best new track of the year, and with a title like 'Video Games' how could I not feature it here?

All of that being said, the song isn't about or for gamers per say, rather it includes lyrics about the playing of video games, but it's still a beautiful song and so I thought, 'why not?' Good music is good music, after all.

Lana's debut album Born to Die is scheduled for release January 31, 2012 and if the rest of it is as good as this one song then I'd say we're all in for quite the treat.

Be sure to check out Ms. Rey's official website, like her on facebook, follow her on twitter, and keep an eye out for Born to Die when it drops.

That about wraps it up for this week. Let both Lana Del Rey and Entertainment System take care of you this weekend, and I'll catch you all back here next Friday.



ArronC said:

She has two more singles: Blue Jeans and Born to Die.

Blue Jeans is fantastic, and she has another self-made video to accompany that one.

Born to Die is great as well, but it also has the distinction of being the first high-budgeted video she has produced, and she released the video just this week. It is gorgeous.

Here is Born to Die vid link:

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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ArronC on Audio File Friday Bonus Track 'Lana Del Rey' : She has two more singles: Blue Jeans and Born to Die. Blue Jeans is fantastic, and she has another self-made...

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