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Audio File Friday 'I Fight Dragons'


Greetings Audiophiles!

If you can manage to pull yourselves away from Skyrim, Skyward Sword, and other Sky-related endeavors for a few minutes I promise it will be worth it.

This week I've got a treat for you guys, and I call it a treat because it's truly something fresh. I certainly hadn't heard anything like this before this week's featured artist, and that's what Audio File Friday is all about: finding music for gamers of all different genres, including new unexplored ones.

Many a rock band have been featured here, as have many a chiptune artist, but the two styles have yet to meet. Chiptune hip-hop and chiptune Gaga, sure, but a chiptune rock mash-up? Is there such a thing?

Turns out there is, courtesy of a quirky band of gamers known as I Fight Dragons.

I happened to stumble across I Fight Dragons during one of my many late night youtube excursions and the next morning I found myself questioning whether or not their music actually existed. Was it just some wonderful rock/chiptune dream? Thankfully a trip through my viewing history proved that what I had found was indeed real, and was even better the second time around!

From their official website:

What do you get when a Pulitzer Prize WInner, a Nobel Laureate, a Rhodes Scholar, and a Robot all get together and form a band?

This is a question I Fight Dragons would love to know the answer to, along with other important questions like, "what is purple, really?" and "how much brains could a zombiechuck chuck if a zombiechuck could exist a posteriori?"

In the meanwhile, I Fight Dragons content themselves with playing melodic rock-and-roll type music, which they integrate seamlessly with chiptune. For those of you not in the proverbial 'know,' 'chiptune' is new music created on 'obsolete' video game 'soundcards' such as the Nintendo Gameboy. Now you're in the 'know.' Welcome. It's nice here and the bathrooms are in the back to the left if you need them.


In the biographical sense, all 5 members of I Fight Dragons hail from Chicago. In the spiritual sense, they also hail from Chicago. However, in the metaphorical sense, only 4 of them hail from Chicago, while Packy hails from Outer Space (by way of Chicago).

I Fight Dragons are boldly questing forward on a sonic adventure toward total world domination. If that sounds a little intimidating, then they can scale it back a bit and focus on continental domination, or even just tri-county domination if that's still a bit much for you.

The new I Fight Dragons album "KABOOM!" has a lot of capital letters, not to mention an exclamation point, which makes it very exhausting to pronounce, but quite invigorating to listen to. It is a Photo Finish / Atlantic Records release (wha!?!?), and serves as the culmination of their earlier sonic endeavors undertaken with their first two EPs, 2009's "Cool Is Just A Number" and 2010's "Welcome To The Breakdown."

All in all, I Fight Dragons are really interesting. I mean, like, REALLY interesting. So go tell your friends about them. Or if you don't have friends, tell your mom. Say hi to her for me. She'll know who you mean. Trust me. Fine, she probably won't know who you mean. So then maybe you can build a robot and tell the robot. If said robot responds to you then you could probably win a Turing prize or something and I Fight Dragons deserves half the money, so please send it to them with a Self Adressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) and 4 boxtops from Cinnamon Toast Crunch(™) cereal to redeem your prize.

Seriously, go tell someone, quit reading this crap. Dragons OUT.

I told you they were quirky. Well, perhaps quirky doesn't quite cut it. These guys are just plain weird! But weird in the best way; the unique-way. And the thing that makes I Fight Dragons so unique happens to be their music. They seamlessly combine rock and chiptune, with a sound that's more than a little reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World. Actually, Jimmy Eat Anamanaguchi might be a more accurate description of what this band actually sounds like.

But why waste time trying to compare this one-of-a-kind band to other talented artists when I could just share some of their music with you and let you see hear? for yourself!

I FIGHT DRAGONS by Photo Finish Records

The band's first official single, The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, is part-The Middle no more Jimmy Eat World comparisons I promise and part-Born This Way-esque motivational track, all tightly wrapped together with an 8-bit bow. And the chiptune isn't just a gimmick, it's an integral part of this band's sound right along with the guitars and drums.

If that glorious number didn't completely hook you get the hell out of my post then why not try the slightly more mellow, but equally energetic My Way:

There's something decidedly early-2000s about the band's overall sound, but it all still feels modern and fresh thanks to the ironically old-school use of 8-bit. And when you consider the societal nostalgia-fest that is currently making its way through the 90s, perhaps I Fight Dragons are actually well ahead of the curb.

The best thing about this band is that beyond their gaming-aesthetic they're all legit full-fledged geeks. From the lyrics that speak to geek-centric experiences, and often times manage to speak to LGBT themes as well mandatory gay observation, to song titles like Save the World, Get the Girl, these guys are about as geeky you can get without being antisocial. And what a shame it would be if they were, because then we wouldn't get to hear their stellar music!

Or ever see them live, which is at the top of my priority lists after seeing this live performance clip of their song Money, off of their Cool is Just a Number EP:

And Just Decide from their second EP Welcome to the Breakdown:

They've even made a guitar out of an NES. How could you not love these guys?

Just in time for the Holidays, I Fight Dragons has put their own unique spin on Fountains of Wayne's Alien For Christmas:

If this hand drawn video for 'The Faster The Treadmill' doesn't pull at your heartstrings then something must be wrong.

Some of my favorite Audio File Friday artists are the ones who interact with the fans beyond just the music, and I Fight Dragons does just that through their youtube channel where you can even learn how to transform your old gameboy into the chiptune instrument that until today you've only fantasized of.

And Brian is almost too adorable

I could keep on embedding and gushing about this band but then the server might get mad at me so I'll leave you with one last taste, an overture that gives you a sample of their entire first album, Kaboom! Now this is what I call eargasm:

You can keep up with I Fight Dragons via their official website, youtube channel, facebook, and twitter.

And if you're feeling ambitious, why not follow each individual member on twitter as well! Hari, Packy, Bill, Brian, and Chad are all ready to be @mentioned so have at it!

I can't get enough. They even make Rick Rolling better! They made. Rick Rolling. Better. Process that for a moment. sorry just have to embed this last one

Like I said, a real treat this week. Let I Fight Dragons take care of you and I'll catch you all right here next time.




Tim said:

+1! New heroes!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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