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Catherine Gives A Special Treat To European Gamers

Stray Sheep Edition.jpg

This makes perfect sense. I finally replace my copy of Catherine after an unfortunate incident erased my first from the pages of history, and three days later, a special edition gets announced. Doesn't matter that it's for PAL regions and I'm in New York, I still want it.

The "Stray Sheep Edition" will be coming to Europe this February. For fifty-five euros, buyers can get not only one of this year most devilishly original games, but also two Catherine-themed coasters, a poster of the game's titular vixen, and Vincent's RAVE shirt (a pair of heart print boxers would have been so much better, but alas). All this comes wrapped together in a delivery pizza box from, you guessed it, The Stray Sheep Bar where our hero, Vincent, drinks away his nights in game.

"We wanted to offer Europe's Catherine fans something special and unique, something that was not available before," says Peter Brolly, brand manager at Deep Silver. "And with a very competitive price point for the Deluxe edition, we ensure that it's an extremely attractive proposition - just like Catherine herself."

But why couldn't you bring this commercial seduction to the U.S.? I guess we're just not good enough fans to get t-shirts that *almost* say RAPE across the front. Needless to say, the special edition will be available for both 360 and PS3 versions of the game, and the regular edition will be provided for people that like games but have no taste for pink shirts.


Tajdusark said:

Must say that even if I got the special edition from America, and my boyfriend got the special edition from Japan, I'm gonna buy this too. Collect 'em all!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Tajdusark on Catherine Gives A Special Treat To European Gamers: Must say that even if I got the special edition from America, and my boyfriend got the special edition from...

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