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Contest: Merry Riftmas!


Happy holidays, gaymers! Sorry I haven't posted much lately (good lord, it's been over a month!), but between two jobs and the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus I have had minimal time for anything substantive. I promise, though, that I've got three reviews in the works: two video reviews concerning flying elves and speedy mammals, and an iOS review for a game that teaches you how to be a bartender. No, seriously.

Due to being so busy, I've become more and more familiar with that Twittery thing that Drand assures me is not a fad. I have to admit, it's kinda nifty even though I've been turning my nose up to it in the past. If I stumble across something interesting or have a profound thought, I can just post there and be done instead of logging in and drafting an article. Also, I don't think the people I work for would appreciate me using company time to do work for someone else. Weird, I know, but go figure.

So to the point of this post: I've got six more digital copies of Trion Worlds' MMO RIFT to give away, each with its own code for six months of game time. So to spread some holiday cheer as well as get more familiar with tweeting, I'm holding a small contest for y'all. Nothing quite so complex as last time, though. This time, it's super easy: just find me on Twitter (@DigitalLitGG; I've got the same icon, so I should be easy to find) and tweet "Merry Riftmas!" or your own awful pun variation of a holiday greeting; we're ecumenical over here. The first six gaymers to share the holiday spirit will get a copy of the game and the game time card to use or give away as a gift (you know, just in case you forgot someone) as they see fit.

UPDATE: All the client/time combos have been claimed. Thank you to everyone who entered!

So that's it! Happy holidays to you all, gaymers!


Kenneth said:

Made a Twitter account just to participate. :P

Keith said:

Not interested in Twitter; I'd suggest in the future running similar contests/giveaways on the site's forums or the article comments.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Keith on Contest: Merry Riftmas!: Not interested in Twitter; I'd suggest in the future running similar contests/giveaways on the site's forums or the article comments....

Kenneth on Contest: Merry Riftmas!: Made a Twitter account just to participate. :P...

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