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Minecraft Developer Enters Programming Contest With Minicraft


Developing a game that some have described as pure pixelated joy distilled through a computer screen and poured directly into the player's pleasure centers? Whoa, awesome. Managing to condense that masterpiece into a smartphone format for super happy fun time on the go? Excuse me while I change my pants, you've made me damp like a cellar.

Recreating a minature version of the title in 48 hours as part of a speed programming contest? Well, no, actually now you've gone too far. Stop it.

See, everyone's favorite independent developer, Markus "Notch" Persson, has created a version of Minecraft, appropriately called Minicraft, for the Ludum Dare, a 48 hour programming competition where participants attempt to create a game from nothing in just two days.

I would not exactly call a reduced and technically new version of Minecraft "from scratch." Come on, that would be like Miyamoto entering with a "new" version of Super Mario Bros 3. Both games are ubiquitus in a discussion of video game history to the point that they will be displayed in the Smithsonian next year.

Realistically, I'm sure Minicraft was a proof-of-concept and ultimately fun weekend project for Notch. After garnering an unprecedented amount of praise from the gaming community and even spawning a convention dedicated to punching trees, Minecraft certainly wasn't hurting for publicity. Even still, I feel the need to ask -- yo dawg, can you make other games?

Anyone looking to try out Minicraft can find it here, as well as the rest of the entries for the contest.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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