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Friday Frivolity: "Newchallenger" Tackles Ocean Marketing (Video NSFW)

As has recently been reported across the web, Ocean Marketing recently had a little "incident" that has caused a media firestorm - not to mention a handy guide on how to avoid terrible press. Now it's tempting to point out that all customer service bother aside, people in marketing should be, you know, dedicating their time to courting the Great Unwashed (rather than getting snippy) that fills their pockets with that delicious green, papery stuff. Even greater is the temptation to follow the sage wisdom that one should "Shut your b*** a** mouth and cry some more u whiny little p*ssant NO ONE CAARES about your s*** so just why dont u just relax you dumb Midwesten Hilbily.Thanks lol, GoodBYE!!! <3<3" (channeling my inner marketing buff there).

Rather than fall victim to these common traps, the kids over at newchallenger have decided to make light of the incident the only way one can: with that most blessed union of ridicule and humor. As the titles states, the video is"NSFW on account of salty talk," so consider yourself duly warned. Still, it is rather funny, so check it out! You might learn a little something about the incident - and maybe, just maybe, learn a little something about yourself.

After finishing the video, you may point out that despite the invocation of that old phrase - I should point out that it was very well received by the focus groups - you will have in fact learned little, if anything about yourself. To address these concerns, please accept my most sincere "shut up, and no one cares." You know what? I'm not here to please you. (my inner marketing guy again)

Just watch the video, you f***ng baby.


AnakinGeada said:

I happened to have come across this video before you posted it, but was happy to see it posted here too. It's just that funny.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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AnakinGeada on Friday Frivolity: "Newchallenger" Tackles Ocean Marketing (Video NSFW): I happened to have come across this video before you posted it, but was happy to see it posted here...

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