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Preview: Unstoppable Gorg


Everyone with the sense God gave a sack of potatoes knows that the great dictators of history were Reptilians, despite the attempts of the NWO media machine to convince us otherwise. Such must be the conceit of Unstoppable Gorg, the story of a megalomaniacal space tyrant hailing from the fabled "Planet X" (i.e. Space Reich IV, one can assume), whose stated mission is to commit global genocide against the denizens of Earth. In order to stave off the alien menace, our intrepid protagonist, Captain Adam, must marshal his towers and wage war against this madman/lizard - one who has employed robots, organic monstrosities, and of course, flying saucers to do his evil bidding.

As the trailer showed, part of the game's charm is in its source material. Yes, the 60's may have given us "2001: A Space Odyssey," and the early 70's foisted the 2 1/2-hour head-trip "Solaris" upon an unsuspecting audience, but riddle me this: Did the post-Eisenhower era give us the cinematic majesty of "It Came From Outer Space," or "Invaders From Mars?"

Didn't think so.

Indeed, Unstoppable Gorg prides itself on humor, advancing the story through homages to 50's sci-fi conventions, as well as newsreel-style snippets, reminiscent of WW2-era propaganda. Silly, melodramatic facial expressions are displayed, model spaceships hang tenuously from visible wires, newsmen speak in frantic, tinny tones, and in true 50's fashion, the cast is whiter than the first snow of a Minnesota winter. While it may seem a bit old hat, the cinematics before and each mission are clever enough to be a cut above outright silliness - in fact, they're done rather artfully - while not taking themselves too seriously.

Read more, and check out the trailer, after the jump!

All this would be just window dressing without a solid game, and Unstoppable Gorg is, while not deviating too much from the established formula, quite enjoyable. Your mission will always revolve around defending a central objective; in the pursuit of this, you will have to construct towers on concentric rings, surrounding said objective. You can move units along a ring's path during gameplay, but the catch is the entire ring moves; thus, you cannot move a unit independently. Soon enough, you'll be shooting down waves of enemies, all the while managing your resources with cash-producing generators, research stations and support towers. There are a few different types of enemies, some of which are more vulnerable to particular towers, so you'll have to adjust your tactics accordingly. The nice thing is that your foes' path toward the center of your base are laid out with colored lines, giving you a sense that you're employing some sense of strategy, rather than frantically flinging your units around in some desperate display of improvised tactics. Aside from the main story, there is also a "challenge" mode to test your skills under duress, as well as some good old "play until you die" arcade fun.

Tower defense games tend to be rather gentle on the hardware hardware, and Unstoppable Gorg is no exception. Even with my modest graphics card - my internet machine is sporting an integrated Raedon HD 4290 - gameplay was very fluid, averaging about 62 fps in high quality, and roughly 35 fps at "unbelievable" quality. Visuals aren't terribly intense, but they get the job done. Enemies types can look a bit similar at times - this isn't helped by the fact that they look rather small from the overhead view - but their characteristics are varied anough to keep gameplay fresh.

All in all, while Unstoppable Gorg seems like a bit of silly fun, it's actually a very enjoyable, highly addictive title - having lost about three days of my life while under its spell, I can attest to this. The game is still in beta, but from what I've seen, it looks to be turning out rather nicely. While currently without a solid release date, it is expected to launch early 2012, with a yet-unspecified price. In the meantime, checkout the Unstoppable Gorg facebook page, as well as the game's website!

Unstoppable Gorg will be available on XBLA, Steam, and iPad.


Damn good review guys, I'm gonna have to check this one out. It reminds me of watching an old episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, except I have to add my own commentary. Good enough for you to revisit it after beta?

SuperSwede said:

Well thank you sir!

The guys at Futuremark were very cool for giving me a beta code, and I'm definitely up for doing a full review when the game is released.

FM_Murqs said:

Thank you very much for doing the preview Super Swede! The game will be out tomorrow. We here at Futuremark would very much hope you have time to get back to it to make a full review.

Cheers from Finland!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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FM_Murqs on Preview: Unstoppable Gorg: Thank you very much for doing the preview Super Swede! The game will be out tomorrow. We here at Futuremark...

SuperSwede on Preview: Unstoppable Gorg: Well thank you sir! The guys at Futuremark were very cool for giving me a beta code, and I'm definitely...

CommanderofYomi on Preview: Unstoppable Gorg: Damn good review guys, I'm gonna have to check this one out. It reminds me of watching an old episode...

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